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You've enjoyed music like Stevie Ray Vaughan there many times that different venues across the region. And you know what? I know where you're going with us. Something is changing Once again, you know, you put me through a litmus test. My first got here. I do. Remember that you asked me all kinds of odd questions. And you said Hey, What is the name of the Pavilion and Berg? It's town, and I said star like Coca Cola star like Amphitheater Post Does that pavilion first Niagara Pavilion KeyBank Keep No, it's star like again, isn't it for least the foreseeable future and it was SNT Bank for all of this season. Wasn't Yeah, from January. Until now, it was snt Bank Pavillon Mood Music Park Snt Bank Music Park. But since they don't have a current title sponsor, it's star like again, isn't it? It's the pavilion at star like once again, and you will find if Genova Nelly is gonna be there at some point, the future. Jim Colony from 93 7 of Fan will be in the mosh pit and he joins us this morning, Jim, how you doing? Hey, Larry and Kevin. Have you never not called it? Star Lake? No to do it all the time. Way still do it. You're right and Yeah. And poor s and T bank. So you may as well give him a couple more plugs here because If there was a pavilion, and there was no show for anybody to ever go there. Would anybody know what it was named? Is that's 2024 u right? Isn't that amazing? S So you know, they announced the name of the Pavilion, the new name and everybody's happy. It's a big win for the company s and T bank and Zero that absolutely zero events none. They're naming rights on bloody funny, but just like you said. It's 2020. That's all you gotta say. Tony Tony Well last night, a game that is great interest to the Pittsburgh Steelers and fans when the Baltimore Ravens Visited Cleveland. It was a like a heavyweight fight. But in the end should we have one in Baltimore to win. That you know, That's a tough one, Larry because they're a couple different ways to look at it now. The Steelers almost can't help but when the F C north, although it's still not a done deal, because they you know you beat Cincinnati, and then you have to win one of the last two games, it still could come down. If they would lose to Indy wealth. They were lose one of the next two games. It still could come down to that final game in Cleveland. I haven't looked that far ahead to see the tie breakers. Because I know Cleveland has games against the think that one NFC game left. I don't know, but it would come down to a tie breaker. If the if the Steelers and in Brown split So it's probably better this way because there's there would have been a real chance at Cleveland won the game. That the Steelers could've let the F C North slip away. But you know what they say. Just some. I keep coming back to the old Jim Maura thing where you know playoffs, And then he says, finally goes. We're just trying to win a game. And it's amazing how things have changed. And just so well, the last what three games and 12 days. And things have changed quite a bit here, with the Steelers losing the last two and we had talked about this right that they were winning games. They were winning close games, which you know, I would contend That's the sign of a good team to win close games, But The way they were doing it, the mistakes they were making, and those mistakes are continuing, and now it's costing them games. And so the Steelers They've got some issues here on day. There's no guarantee. I know they're what 12.5 Point favorites. It's Cincinnati. But you know, there's no guarantee they can beat the Bangles on the road. So they've got some. They've got some things to work on. And they've got an extra day to do it for a change. Yeah, and you know, there are no guarantees, but I mean, if you just feel have a feel for it, it seems like Cleveland obviously as something there, but man Baltimore and Lamar Jackson and Gus Edwards. They were they. They were impressive. The offense you saw from both teams like you're going. Wow, we used to have on offense like that. Yeah. They were in the last inside of the two minute warning or were there two touchdowns. To feel got two touchdowns, a field goal and a safety. I mean, you know the end of the game. I didn't really mean much unless you were laying 3.5 points. The Rx actually don't even have to cough anymore, right? No, I don't even have to go like wink, wink, nudge nudge, which is like what we used to back in the day. But our company that was an important that was an important safety. The National Football League. They're all on board now. Yes, you could say it. Yeah, but you're right. I mean, yeah, they are. But So much transpired in such a short period of time. Bottom line is Steelers definitely have to beat the Bangles Monday night, and then they host The Colts and then the Browns. The Colts are nine and four. The Browns are nine and four. These air too good football teams, So there's a lot on the line in the last three games. So do you see? Any reason that The Steelers will be able to pick things up on offense. No. While that was for an answer What stuff if I really don't because, Okay, let's see what's going on. I think you know it because cliches are cliches because they're true. Andre and one of the old time football. That's not even a cliche. Really. It's just an adage, I guess is more like it is it all starts up front with line play, especially on offense. And the Steelers offensive line right now is a mess. And Matt filers out and and and then Kevin Dawson was not placed on unless something happened overnight that I missed. Matt Filer was placed on on IR and now the rules are different. He doesn't necessarily have to miss the playoffs if for some reason he recovers by then, But he will miss the last three regular season games. You can come back after three weeks. Kevin dots and also left the game with a pectoral injury. And I don't know about you guys, but any time I've heard pectoral injury, that's it for the season for these guys Well, It's happened to Hayward. It's happening to art to it s O. But anyway, so you lose your left guard, and then you lose your other left guard, which leaves you with a new experience. Backup center, playing left guard. And If thoughts and is seriously injured and serious by seriously, I mean to the point that he's going to miss a game or two. What is the offensive line going to look like here and they've got they've got issues and You know, then that doesn't take into account. You know the running backs who aren't performing well, the receivers who keep dropping but first pass of the game on Sunday. How about that? A dropped pass by De Arte Johnson was settled last Twitter went nuts just off the first play there that was dropped. And then Yeah, There's some challenges so Coach Tomlin will speak to the media today. And he'll let the week speak to him. But we want to bring you up a little Jim. We I think if we could Yet Genova Nalley to perform its star like your life would just be so.

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