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We're gonna see how that goes and as far as everything else interesting um oh yeah i saw recently ours will begin the watching espn are as i shall remain at arco arena said that the gm and he has prank cash gm of the anc he said that joe girardi didn't connect with his players and that's one of the reasons why he was fired nothing that's just a bunch of baloney right there um it's an old reference there got talent from had grauber edges a dumb now buying into that one at all the the who went to the at a all cia aol s and with those young guys amine usually if you're coaches and connecting your to play all too well unless the yankees young guys are just ought really that good and they really don't need coaching or anything like that at all but yeah i'm not really buying into that and the two interesting things that i've seen this week in just pretty much as get into what games to watch for for wednesday get started with him going to be most the nba games because there's no nfl games baseball's turn and i know the showed isn't really gift hockey too much love but it is what it is gonna be a really fun one on espn later tonight at five o'clock eight o'clock eastern lakers are going to be heading into boston facing off with the celtics going to be lonzo ball versus jason tatum not going to say lonzo ball for his career being because right now lonzo just simply is hong kongers level and is not even better than jason tatum right now but it's gonna be a fun when is he out horford going to be out for this game odds believe he's easing kokoshin protocol right now he dealt without a lot last season so it's kind of sad to see boston really needs him and you know al's really high on boston for this game thing you know yeah they're going to be the lakers by with a war for now you're thinking in know what they're on a ninegame winning streak al horford.

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