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Are Toby and chilly in the morning. It's 97.1 wash up. My name is Toby, not my partner's Telemar. And this morning, our producer named Kayla seems to be very vex Producer. Keita, Come over here and talk to Mom and dad and tell us what vexes thee, please. So this all started with my last condo. I accent it started to stutter when I would drive over, like, 40 miles per hour. And so I took it to a mechanic and they found out that Oh, your spark. Clubs and coils are like something wrong with them, which I predicted by doing some research. So I was like, OK, cool. I pay them to fix it. Never had that issue again. Obviously into a car accident and get a new car. Same make and model just a year newer. So a few months after I get this car, it begins to stutter. Just like my last car. And I thought, Oh my God, it's my spark plugs and coils. So I bring it to that same mechanic and they charged me in our land is Diagnostics B and they said, Oh, we don't know what the issue is, and I told them about the history thinking that they could just check it and they're like, no, it gets worse and bring it back even though They could feel the issue when they drove it. So me being a dummy. It gets worse and I bring it back to the same mechanic. They diagnostics pouring outlandish price and they say again, so we don't know what the issue is, and I'm like, but you can stay the issue When Dr so obviously I'm like I am done. With this mechanic and for like, months I am my car stuttering. When I drive. I'm scared Every day I drive my car that is going to break down. But during this time I researched a new mechanic. Signed mechanic that has glowing reviews is called Chose Auto shop. Okay, and I call them explain the issue. They said, Bring your car in. We won't even charge with diagnostics Be if you say we can feel the issue. Don't even worry about it. I bring it in. Guess what they say Oh, to your spark plugs aren't working plus a coil and I was like paid like $300. On the last mechanic. Oh, no, man, not only fixes the problem in a day he did it for half the price. Oh, my gosh. Did you try to contact the manager of the first place? He went to three or four times? Well, I decided I'm going to write a yelp review. People need to know because she's in a good mechanic is so rare, little typing as we speak. I'm like three paragraphs in. I wondered what you were doing over there because you were like looking very fit. Serious plugging away and I was like, Let's just lead producer Kale alone. It might be one of those mornings can share like a line or two from what you've written, or is it not safer radio, so I didn't do like no curse words. Anything like that. I really just broke down the problem and it basically everything that I have said before, but at the end, let's say I wrote all that on the paper and then at the end I said, I'll end this on a positive note. Thie guys at this shop are super nice, great customer service and break down the cost of everything. Too bad that doesn't actually fix my car and I hit Submit. Whoa, Ladies and gentlemen of the D M v. If you have a business, please make absolutely sure you don't cross producer Caleb because she will go keyboard terrorist on you Exactly. I'm sweating because I'm so pissed. And by the way, if anybody wants to read the Yelp review will post Lincoln, the Toby in Chile. Page in Washington dot com. Coming up next with Toby and chilly in the morning. A look at top stories. Those pandemic pounds are no joke will tell you how much people really have gained since the beginning of quarantine that's coming up. It's tough news, but you need to hear it right now. Traffic. Lisa Peyton, What's up? You cannot take a red line train between Venice and Cleveland Park. It's underwater. You guys flooding affects the redline. Check ahead. They have bus service. Established, bolder, more. Washington Parkway has a 30 minute backup. Wow. Man. North Bank crashed between 4 10 and the Beltway. You get by to the right. We just had a crash, reported Canal Road inbound between Arizona Avenue and Reservoir Road. With Toby and chilly in the morning. I'm Lise Abated on 97.1. Marsh FM. It's a great time to get a great deal on a new car. When you get approved for an auto loan from pen set.

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