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That's really cool and you know that if duty the students from the university have they ever done together to help feed the homeless intensity or do other things like uh dino help them with get documentation if they don't have any or get other kinds of assistance or give job training or anything like that i thought i know of vital after had done that i had a bunch of friends ma that actually ten university of washington me like all we should go do the sometime that was so cool of you fight i think they have it hasn't happened yet we need to get everybody on board and make it happen on the it up the absolutely roca boogied option for what that will bring my table in my dash banners and none you know maybe we can do it can of were will intersect with the homeless and the students over it get them on board with wallets or something uh that's a really good idea bureau just a hiba dash we should get a either we have some fun leftover from the currents a partnership worth maybe from a anything future we do we should get a dash of like superhero like a dad's costuming you dress up as as dass man or the dash like the flash dash man none of the bandaid what he thinks of uninhabited spandex it might look better on you that's definitely not true work just trying to embarrass me and i see right through it just like people see right through the spandex cotton was trying to make you feel better trial of through the eu will ifi if that he wants to be dashed ran i'll be a coin hide robin coin coin a better discussed the gang survived to it by or or boat robin coin also sounds like the felt like one new online tag yeah or like you're you're coin the like robbed like the other hitting that we should do a desk tostan.

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