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I have my door open or one night. I'm sleeping I wake up. It's a nigga. Stan full-throttle at my door watching me sleep. And I said excuse me allows. He was he was like, oh, I'm looking for the bathroom. He was just standing there. Watching me sleep. That's it was the I. And as the next day. I said, listen, you gotta move. Okay. So anyway, long story short she got into somewhere a other roommates over to the bitch left all this ward on the floor and the roommates that can you because we to bear. I never had the fuck. What what the reverence so the the broom she's shared a bathroom with the floor. We found out this bitch had a blog this what I'm talking about people thinking everybody funk about them. So she had a blog for any. From Franny got. Had a blog a flow the fucking flog. How long and you found it this. Oh, she had on. So this is how this is how good God is. Okay. Floppy dumped on us. Shares her blog on her Facebook page which minds you has negative eight people. Okay. In the negatives. She's gotta borrow people from other people's things just didn't get into the negative. He's only got the dead people right now the accounts, we're going Meemaw who that ten years ago scruffy to kids that years ago people. A report and all these other guys. Right. So she negative eight on the tone poem. Right. She posted this blog and the blog somehow catches a pitcher of my roommate and my roommate's boyfriend. So so there were two there was you from an another roommate. So it was me from this other roommate who I loved to desert she had a boyfriend, and when she came in we we all talked about she said, I'm listening. You have a boyfriend, but she was very respectable. I liked her boyfriend. He wasn't. They all the time. They May Day little dinner. They went into the room there them. So. Yeah. Thing. Absolutely. A c- came in it, and we talk when we came to an ago, she'll house gonna work and it works. And then we had another roommate who we all are like the three of us me the other two. I don't wanna call it name other jobs. We always liked we will sit watch movies together. We like what you're doing. Call each other on the phone. Hey, maybe from a dump dumpy frumpy mctighe train. Yes. Yeah. Mc MC diggity, dick three. Mic rib, dick van she moved tick rib move in with you three. Yes. And then had this crew does is coming in coming in coming in. And then she moves out you find out about this on the blog before. Okay. It was. She. So she tried to explain first of all why I told you I was talking to this guy. I said what guy you never say my guy. She's a member of the guy was telling you about that I met at the bus stop the dead. I said you sit here told us about how you met some Puerto Rican dude at the bus stop barely knew. And we didn't for one minute considered that nigger would be in the house not even for a moment because there's got to be a knowing fade because you met him at a bus stop. Yeah. You barely know him. You got us up in here. I gotta say when people fuck like when people are like fuck people aware of. Yeah. They will find it anywhere. You'll find the bus. I catch it. She got a catch a handkerchief. Yeah. Because she got to throw her shit out to put out. She's Trump dumps it listen frump or no from there are people that are in the fuck gave. And when they you know, they can find it wherever they like drugs. And I wish I was like that. Because I cast also decimate the big you gotta watch out for us. Y'all got foot traffic in there like you? I mean, that's a walk in clinic. I can't like grocery door. And I'm like, oh, I gotta get outta had her to do like she's fucking the holes block that all looks like the front door at a snowy day. We're all the boots go, and then like you have the little dirty snow around the boots and a little bit of water trial..

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