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He really has and it's it goes back to that whole thing that we always talk about us to like sometimes he's taken for granted Because, he's been able to do it. So consistently So when screws up your surprised by it but I saw a status, well, jj about a Mosala has zero point six, four goals per game in the permanently a few players with lower. Per Game Averages Alan Shearer in right Robin Van Persie Jamie Vardi Michael Owen Rooney Drogba only Kane on Rian Esguerra at zero point six eight have a higher average I mean it's unbelievable and and the volley was stunning to and it was I won't say I won't say it was nonchalant kind of was though he you just teed it up and smashed it into the top corner right? It's why you have to forgive him I. Think when he does the things that drive Liverpool fans crazy. Sometimes you know he takes ill ill-advised shot or something it's y you almost have to forgive him for those moments because he's capable because he you know he he shows you at other moments that he's capable. Of scoring those goals. Yeah. So you know for every few of those that he kind of screws up, he is going to get you one that's incredible So yeah, he was he was excellent I thought the penalty the end was legit. It was the whole combination that game was just. So Liverpool of these past couple seasons where you just felt like it was going to happen and in the end you know there's nothing to argue about it to me it wasn't debatable and leads in argued no, and when it was stupid though he just dangled photo, they're hoping to get a flick on the like. What are you doing in the penalty box here as well? Do nothing rather than do that. Yeah and that was that was crushing moment for leads because they could see the finish line but this is what This is what Liverpool do I imagined the way that you as Liverpool Fan always felt about Ferdie time and you know Sir and those those Manchester, united clubs would always seemed to. Like tilt said can Manchester United Score. They always score that is how a jet a generation is now growing up believing that that's Liverpool's way of conducting business in the League Yup and and you look at the Games last year against wolves you look at the game away at Aston. Villa. That's absolutely true. But I I do think just as it was with Fergie as it is with Klopp fogies teams, you never saw Burgi. Are. You rarely saw Fergie he did do on one occasion famously, but you rarely saw Fergie. SEND HIS CENTRE-HALF Panic and start lumping the ball into the box. Same with KLOPP, play the same way stay true to your values past the football and Look there were cracks. There was no question that was cracks you on for Liverpool I mean how nobody tracked at clicks run into the box for his his special goal to what a goal that was to I mean leads to fantastic goals in that game But. Without making any grand proclamations off of one game is it was kind of the perfect day for Liverpool. In that, you got the win, you got the three points at the same time. They learn some valuable lessons I think from the first game that okay. Immediately, the reminded we can't take anybody for granted right as you know it's it's always good. When you can learn lessons while also winning at the same time but I, but I think other teams will have learned some licensed to from what leads tried to do. There was one moment in the second half before move on from the game and it was it was indicative the homework that leads at dawn. Look if you're fullbacks going gonNA push a pie. You know there's going to be gaps in behind the two midfielders have a sense of the central midfielders in the midfielder on that side have a lot to do in terms of protecting Liverpool and protecting those centrebacks. There was one off site in the second half and it was a narrow enough. But when the ball was played, it was one of those raking diagonal balls that leads were playing. Getting some success from Andrew, there was three leads players between the full back in the center back in that gap look into Ronin behind are looking into cause trouble for Liverpool and it just goes show be Elsa imagined a folder Elsa has on Liverpool you know his teams come in saw going to these games. So well, prepared boy watching him manages is an experience in itself indeed he's just looks. I mean, he looks the part of sly kind of the aging somewhat to shoveled. But like cereal. Sitting on a blue bucket. So, somebody you're Sopranos Fan Right. Yeah. So you know there's that one scene it's in season five and it's really uncomfortable but really funny where Jonny sack, the head of the New York mob is sitting on a toilet that is that you know one of those toilets that we all feel mean you would never go into that has no door right right sitting with his pants down smoking a cigarette on the toilet talking to Tony who's at the original And There's someone. Kind I can't remember who it was. It might have been the the the men with the sharp dressed men who wear blazers i. think it was them to give them their credit and they said serious Jonny sack vibes as and they put the two pictures and it's squatting. On the blue bucket talking up to two one of his assistant. Very good. Yeah. Let's see Jj let's move on now Chelsea and Brighton. An interesting game in its own right three one that goes to Chelsea. I don't know what you thought. I thought that was end. Chelsea did play better in the second half but I thought it was kind of a flattering scoreline very well thought brighten it was like it felt like it was a forty minute stretch from the middle of the first half through the middle of the second half we're Brighton were really really good I mean. Let's give brighten their props I. 'cause they don't get much coverage on this podcast. Let's be honest. Am I taught Lamti was unbelievable for them. I thought he was outstanding. I. Thought Actually before he went off Adam Lallana was really good too and My heart sank for him. Absolutely sank. We saw that emotional video talking about Liverpool Championship Jordan Henderson I almost like an exit interview when he left the club in the summer and he was so emotional about the strain of injuries and now happens within the first half of his return to the south coast devastated for him. Andrew Chelsea gave up a lot of chances Lewis. Dunk. One of the Mrs of the season at the fire polls Chelsea weren't very good. The truth of it. It's going to take time for this. This thing to jail it wasn't a full Chelsea side either and they were missing their best Bayer. Christian Pulisic. That's a fact I taught verners pace at time the Times on the break, which is mainly what Chelsea did was play on the break was good verner look good..

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