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Nadal lemonade her but No she's the champion. Now Mateen world me he. She was eliminated by Kelly flare Number Nineteen Phoenix and see what the eliminate by Marthe Marla and number twenty Tony Storm our representing Ns. T U K See what the eliminated by pays her number. Twenty one belonged to Kelly. Colleague Kelly. The first female tw- W W E twenty four seven champion Kelly Kelly but she would eliminate by. I Know Blazer another tag team Affair Okay twenty-second Dan Sarah Logan representing raw See the lamentable. Five Vega and Blazer twenty-three three belongs to Natalia and eliminate by a blackheart and Blazer and the twentieth fluorspar goes to next thought nathe yes he for. NRT AND EH eliminated by Camilla and Blah Blah Blazer. Tag Team eliminations. Wow I know with both be every every person ars inform themselves but wow so twenty fly-swat go the the the the main up bego up. She was eliminated by storm Blades uh twenty six saw thought blackheart. Okay the blackout. Arshi within the Eliminate by neo me and Blazer and the twenty only spot went to Carmel as.

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