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Want to say that a player like Leah Boston is enough that they wouldn't squander that pick immediately after taking them up, but after the last four years, I just can't say that. I have no idea how they're necessarily running that team. They may want to say that some of these players haven't been developing the way that they've wanted them to. And that's a fever problem. That's not a problem on any of these players. And then after dropping a player like this, the Henderson, I just don't fully understand what's going on here. I would like to see this team flourish, I would like to see a lot of high level talent coming out of here and see some things pick up. I think just about everyone in one way or another wants to see the seam succeed because we don't necessarily want a team hit the pit of obscurity and run into problems, but you've given me no reason to believe in that. And that's unfortunate. So the fever are going to be at 12. This is where things get really interesting. The Connecticut sun I have at 11 I think they're drop off is as big as any team we've seen in a very long time. You lost your head go to was kind of the core to making that entire roster work. You lost your MVP. I don't necessarily see this team being cohesive. Do I think they're going to be in the tank for a long time? Possibly not. I think there's potential for them to maintain some things. And they've picked up some talent that I think is formidable. I actually really like, for instance, a Beck Allen is one of my favorite players. And I like the potential of what she can do over there. So there's going to be something there. But I think for one, the 9th through 11 are probably all going to be within like one to two games of each other for me. It's going to be a closer run, and I think I see them on the outside looking in. I also have the sky with a big drop off I have them at ten. I'm just not seeing them when I look at their roster. Look at the core of that team and what's made that team successful is more or less wiped out. Outside of paleo copper. Now, this glee convert the type of layer that can work with Courtney Williams and Elizabeth Williams and potentially help that team pick up some momentum and do better and potentially make the playoffs? Yeah, it's possible. I'm just not feeling it. I think this is an outside looking in and is a really good case to see just how effective James wade can be as a coach. And how he responds to this year's performance is actually what I'm most interested in. Not even necessarily this performance, but where we see things. Also, if this is their bid, as the market closest to, I was sitting if this is their bid to take a back seat for a couple of years and suddenly be in the Caitlin Clark sweepstakes, kudos to you. That's a good point. So I'm almost expect them to intentionally take 12 in that case. So there you go for that. I have storm just barely missing the playoffs at 9. I expect Juul Lloyd to put in big numbers. I actually expect this team to overperform what some may believe. I think there's a lot of potential for them to make some things happen, and I don't necessarily see their gap between 8 and 9 being huge. But it's just really hard to believe that they're going to outperform when you just there's so much of what's made the storm the storm over the years is now gone. And a lot of the spirit of that is gone. And it's going to be hard to see how that picks up. Very intrigued to see where Julie responds to this. If they really try and put a non a separate effort to build a team around her, or if she's going to be living elsewhere next year, it's going to be hard to sell, but I do have them barely losing out in the playoffs. With that said, I have the sparks at 8. In an only just situation, I like the improvements that they're making. I don't know that there are enough to do much more than that, but they were in the tank last year. And so a playoff appearance, I think, is more than enough for them. Also, given all of the insane drama that's gone on in aces sparks match up or a liberty matchup are both pretty spicy in the first round who knows how that looks. Number 7 I have the dream and about ten minutes ago I had the dream at ten. So I don't know how I'm feeling yet, but I gave this roster another look. I just kind of pulled them up again. And there's a lot to like about this. I'm going to say this Atlanta might be the most fun team that isn't going to be considered a super team this year. They have just a lot of really fun talent. That's on top of the fact that I expect Ryan Howard to potentially play it and I'll start a level. Haley Jones, I wasn't high on his draft pick, but damn it, the dream kept her and not a lot of teams kept their draft picks this year. And I'm going to give that some stock and I'm going to believe in a Haley Jones against my own judgment because they actually held on to her and that's a good thing. But I think you're going to see a lot more coming out of every McDonald's. DRAM is always a great veteran having your team shine Parker is one of the most underrated players in the league and has been for her entire career. One of the most underrated pickups of this entire season is Alicia grey go into Atlanta,

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