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Sanford health, researchers physicians and geneticists to create a personalized program designed to help you lose weight and keep it off using science. Not gimmicky diets for simple sustainable results. Choose profile profile plan dot com. That's profile plan dot com. Ready for low prices today and every everyday on groceries Tiber target, right? And now target will run to you with same-day delivery shocked by ships within days a livery. We'll stop the car you create deliberate fast right to your door. You can fill up your fridge with your phone. It's easy all sliced bread. Same day delivery cracked out of eggs. Same day delivery toss out of salad same-day delivery. Get all of your fresh grocery that low prices delivered same day, target run and sun. Learn more at target. Dot com slash sl. Restrictions may apply. We get it health insurance can be your least favorite topic. Choosing a plan ranks up there with stubbing your baby toe hard. Everybody wants a four double coverage. They understand you care. We do too. We don't have a corporate jet were not in a glass tower. We're figure d complicated. Going out of our way to make choosing a health plan better not more expensive. So put on your steel toed boots. Visit you care dot org slash ISP and shot people powered health plans. Earning a Rex's partnering with Ronald McDonald house charities collecting twice for families in need bringing a toy donation to any of the metre learning Rx locations and receive an initial assessment for only seventy five dollars give yourself or your child the gift of easier. Living learning Rx dot com slash. To seraphic couple of things to tell you about let's head to Brooklyn center. Purse ninety four eastbound there's a crash Brooklyn boulevard to six ninety four also thirty five W southbound in Richfield, there's a crash west seventy six street sixty six street, Ken Barlow's five eyewitness news forecast. Twenty today down to thirteen tonight's abundant sunshine today right now. It's fourteen. The radio home of she was that with what mytalk one zero seven one, everything entertainment. There's no room in. The. To combat Jason and Alexis in the morning on my taco, seven one, everything entertainment. I'm Jay lax and Don McLean. Boy, we're having a good time today, laughing are but off..

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