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You said like. Have you seen her videos. I nailed it exaggeration right. So it's like wouldn't my leg arcades. When when i go to the school and you know our kids go to a french school. You made fun of me about that to you like the way that i speak french and i was like. That's how i speak fudge and you're like whatever whenever you whenever you're speaking to someone who is in a position of authority. Your french becomes like very parisian. No that's no i. i regularly speak. See now it's going to happen. Is you're going to speak extra parisian everywhere branch. I get it again. That's how i mean. No we using beck. I i never said you speak quebec okay. So you think. I'm i'm adding a little extra spice no i do not. I'm speaking to be clear. So they understand the words coming out of my mouth. Because i'm like. Don't i need what i need right now. Right and because they're in a position of authority. They need that extra parisian clarity. Right right we use. I do not talk you do that. I don't do that. No i disagree. I don't go all like we met. Dad knew supllies rizzoli. So let's pretend that to ten right uh-huh you're at like a seven eight. No okay. i'm gonna get the kids involved in this we are. We might follow. We're going to get them mice and we're gonna take you know they're gonna be on your side right because i'm right now because they love making fun of my knows dad those sweating. That's it for the news. Right reaches out to now guy. You're ready surly piper. Bible brand new podcast. Where share with the love of my life listener. What i read in the bible so far and by energy and shit last time twist on data we also learned about god killing wanted and david taking more sleeping from wyoming. Okay yeah yeah so. The players are david sun and david's daughter tamar john's cousin advisor john dab to have jobs and other son assalaam and david himself. This is the second book of samuel chapter thirteen. Let's save for son again. Content warning sexual assaults. And i call this one. No one is looking out for tomorrow. No this is a happy bible story but kills the pres right. Yeah yeah yeah. Okay all right. Let's go so we fade from blogger whining and we open on john dab who is casually walking around in the house of david living his best life when he runs davidson. I'm not annan. Looks all the shoveled. So john dab being his cousin and advisors all like cuz you good. You've been looking worse and worse lately. Is that his brother or cousin. Let's see is his amnon cousin slash advisor those asking them look good man. Talk to me man. So david grabs johnny depp and pulls him into the side in his all lake. I think i'm in love with my sister. Tamar way david saying not no. I'll have nonstandard on cena adn wait. Oh yes is the son of david and tomorrow's daughter of david got it. Okay got it so for some reason. This doesn't strike. Johnny dab is being weird at all and is all leg canes. Okay i see you should pretend to be sick and when your dad sees you tell him that you want tamar to take care of you that way you can get her to make you some food while you watch and then she can feed you wink wink. So amnon thinks this is a great idea and heads to his bed to act sick and everything went. According to john ebbs plan david saw am nine in bed and was tricked into thinking he was sick. David then tells tomorrow to take care of them. She made him some brand while he watched and when she tried to serve it to them at the kitchen table he refused it. He looks at all the other people in the room and tells them to all leave amnon then task tomorrow to serve him the bread in his bedroom once she was close enough he grabbed her and being super creepy he was like come on. Let's have sacks. yeah game thrown tomorrow is not feeling this is all like what the fuck bro. You can't do this to me. Especially not in israel. Do you really want to put that shame on me. I bet if you ask david real nice he could marry us. Who what tomorrow sameness seeing. You don't kinda like raped me like. Oh wait yo. Offering the option to be married to her instead of like raping. Yeah okay. He's saying matt no. She said well she's saying don't do that. Don't do this. Let's just do it okay. She's really saying no right. This is not going to have okay. So at this point amnon was ignoring everything. She was saying amber receded. Once the assault was over. The bible tells.

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