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Sell previously unsolvable business problems. Learn more at C three. A. WNYC is supported by Cohen media group, presenting the new thriller, my son, starring Kenna and Melanie Lowe hall when your son is kidnapped his estranged parents will stop at nothing to get him. Back starts Friday at quad cinema and fee offs. Florence Gould hall WNYC spring. Pledge drive is just around the corner and were cutting it in half that means more programming with fewer interruptions. I'm Jacqueline Cincotta program director WNYC we still need to raise two hundred thousand dollars before the drive starts if we're going to meet our goal in half the time we can get there with your early donation right now. Please call eighty three seven six WNYC or go to WNYC dot org. You're listening to marketplace on WNYC up next. It's all things considered with President Trump's foreign policy, the Uber IPO, plus Bernie and the believers coming up next say Hume. This is marketplace, I'm KAI Ryssdal. Every once in a while, we see at Twitter thread, one of those tweet series to tell the story about I don't know how Jay Powell came to be the chairman of the fed or maybe about very specific kinds of British cheese. And we think that'd be pretty radio. So today thread from Elizabeth cronies McLaughlin by day. She's the founder of the guy of project for women's leadership. All the time though. She is a mom. So here you go. Let me tell you a little story about the American Medical systems circa today. This morning at five thirty AM. Both my kids woke up not feeling exactly. Great..

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