Hulu, Alabama, President Trump discussed on Chad Benson Show


Earlier oh man i think people don't realize that you can get you don't have a surprise about link biscuits three hundred grand and who do you get for limp iskit right which by the i i'm predicting and marketed i think olympics get is gonna make comeback here in the next year so it's that kind of it's been twenty years and they're getting ready to do it all again for the nookie i can sense the gnocchi sometimes you could like a do you feel that the power strong with the gnocchi the nookie yet what about the working it's their two a day if they for you okay without five thousand votes counted jones is leaving more seventy percent to twenty nine percent hulu that that's big that's big five thousand votes that most of the state alabama was it today you know somebody say that there so we're covering the roy moore thing and it did he whittard will he not wind will he lose really again i think we all lose in this i do but we'll find out here i'm sure soon potentially by the end of the show if he has victory or if he has defeat i don't like him never liked him i never thought he was a great candidates i understand the the fact that the president is behind him because he thinks he's going to help him uh but i think in the long run i think the more scrutiny that's out there in this in this the time that we live with this climate with the me to in the whole nine yards i keep as far away from that is possible and it's it's it's not good and then on top of that i'm not a huge fan of a lot of the stuff that he said and i think he's just not a good candidate and i'd get a lot of people lotta blowback for that but you know what i'm being honest here each one of us has their own opinion and i'm just thinking at sorry but we'll find out if he or doug jones wins potentially tonight three 235 three twenty four twenty three at chad benson show we're going to update with keaton jones the void that was bullied his mama's speaking out in a psa there will make you just go what's straight ahead jeb sgr one of me three blondel.

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