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Men have a right to equal justice under law. And April opportunity to share in the common Good. Truman's ups and downs chronicled among the artifacts, a safety blood from one of the atom bombs and the sign on Truman's desk reading the buck stops here. Chuck Sivertsen ABC News Come on news time. 5 20. Time to get to our propel insurance Money update. Are you getting a rental car this fourth of July weekend? It's costing a lot more than it has before. Rental car prices this weekend are at record highs is still supply and demand is playing a role. So many people want to travel and rental car companies sold off so many cars during the pandemic Prices have been extremely high. The booking site Kayak says rental car prices are 300% higher this weekend in 2019 in some places. In Hawaii. Anchorage, Alaska and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They have soared up to 436 bucks per day for an average car rental. Alex Stone ABC near we mentioned a few moments ago, the government's June employment report is due out this morning. We get more details from ABC stereo Aldinger. The job market is continuing to heal can think back about a year ago when we had a double digit unemployment right now we have an unemployment rate that has been below 6% for the U. S as a whole. Bankrate Senior financial analyst Mark Hamrick says that Would be reflected in the Labor Department's June employment report expectation here as that the official unemployment rate will slip a bit from May's 5.8% reading, perhaps down to 5.6% expect segments that were hit hardest during the pandemic, especially hospitality to see the most growth. Daria Albano ABC NEWS Wall Street, Dow futures down only about six points S and P up. Four. NASDAQ futures up 55 I'll get back to Kira and check traffic and weather. Next. Come on news time. 5 21.

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