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Moh news and here's what's coming up Nothing new about political violence in America that some experts believe we're in dangerous territory. I'm Carleen Johnson, traffic and weather coming up in four minutes. But first ABC News had a 30 President Trump before leaving the White House for Texas to visit the border wall spoke to reporters briefly taking questions for the first time since the U. S Capitol siege. He did not take responsibility for the mob of Trump supporters who stormed the capital last week, leading to five death catalyzed by speech, in my words and my final paragraph my final sentence and everybody took the key thought it was totally appropriate. The president also says We want no violence, but with days left before the inauguration, police and federal law enforcement Say they're trying to track down violent threats. He also blamed Democrats for launching another impeachment, saying it is a further quote. Witch hunt. House Democrats are moving forward with impeaching Trump with insurrection, but first the House is scheduled to vote tonight, calling on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment. Over 19 vaccinations ramping up around states, with more doses being deployed. It comes his cases and hospitalizations continue to search. I'm Michelle France and ABC News Co. Moh news 1000 FM 97 7, It's 8 31 right now. And thanks for starting your day with the comb, Oh, morning news. We continue to see rain here in downtown Seattle or in the form of showers. At times. It's now 51 degrees, along with Greg Herschel time. Manda Factor here. The top stories from the Coma 24 7 News Center, Seattle's Reppert Sedative in the U. S House has tested positive for covert 19 per village. Ia Paul's office says she believes she was exposed when the Capitol building was placed in lockdown and members of Congress were herded into a secure room. Many in the room were Republicans and they refused to wear masks. Giant Paul says the exposure could have happened at that time, and she issued a statement saying our lives and our livelihood czar at risk. And anyone who refuses to wear a mask should be fully held accountable. We also got word last hour that a third Democrat that was in that room has now tested positive for the coronavirus. It's representative of Brad Schneider from Illinois. Maybe she mentioned the FBI is warning about plans for armed protests in all 50 state capitals And in Washington, D. C leading up to President elect Joe Biden's inauguration and internal FBI bulletin warns the nationwide protests may start later this week and extend through January. 20th. The Washington State Fusion Center works with federal and local agencies on counterterrorism, and Lieutenant Kurt Boyle says they're gathering intelligence. We have to make sure that if we see something that's a media threat, we can get it to the right people as quickly as possible. With the most accurate information. We only have one chance to get it right. The FBI says it respects the rights of individuals to peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights. And his focus is on those threatening their safety and the safety of other citizens with violence and destruction of property. The public has no access to the state Capitol in person during the legislative session that began yesterday, only virtual access is possible. It's because of the pandemic, and that has some advocates for open government and transparency concerned. Glen Morgan is a Thurston County journalist and a conservative activist for property rights and open government. Transparency of government effectively access to government by average people. Or people who used to trying to be down there being activist. I think that no good thing happens. It's just more of an insider scheme more than normal, and that's I'm afraid with the session's gonna be about organ says only allowing the virtual testimony will disenfranchise a lot of people. Large demonstrations have captured headlines across the country over the last year, including last week's deadly take over and that the nation's capital and one Northwest political science professor says this has been building for years more from Cuomo's Carleen Johnson last week's right at the U. S. Capitol shocked most people, but experts say an increase in political violence began years ago. We are seeing a small uptick regardless of what happened in the capital last week, but the big change actually was from 2017 to about 2019 Jim Morrison. Civic University political science professor and spoke with our partner station K to that unite the right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, was one of them. They have been doing right and left wing protests a regular occurrence in Portland and other cities following the Black lives matter, protests More sites. Recent polling that shows acceptance of political violence as a means to an end from both sides. I become involved in political violence against them. They then respond and we go back and forth. More, says periods of political violence tend to be cyclical. The question right now is have we seen the worst of it. Carleen Johnson. Come on news. It's a 34 and coming up. I'm Brian Calvert, with the tribal leaders facing pushback and young deaths as they try to vaccinate against Cove it now traffic.

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