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Your doesn't show. That's the worst part. Is She came? Back And No no keep going. Okay do you say Croissant Cross saw? Not if I'm speaking to people who do. Not. I'm speaking English speaking in French. Way He's quite the Frenchaccent. So Would you consider a WHO's the winner? WHO's the loser? And where did the Astros fall into this like I feel like. Go ahead, go thousand percent the Astros of the winter i. Wore they don't have to deal with. Out. So not fair, I say the second winner is me because there's a mariners fan I can now say well. I mean who who could have predicted. They would have had a bad season and it's like you know. We shouldn't even really counted although it could actually help me because. In, two thousand and eighteen at the halfway point, the mariners had the third best record in baseball. Cutting the season in half, which basically means crazier stuff is likely to happen right so. I think fans of crappy teams like myself could actually benefit from the weirdness of it all the increased randomness. Gosh I wish I remembered where I saw this but I saw some article that was a or a graph that was comparing the numbers of if you stopped every season after six games, what percentage of those teams would have made the playoffs and it was? Gosh, if I knew the number, it would really be impactful, but don't, but it was no. I know I. Know what you're talking about. Something like at the halfway point. Maybe like seventy percent of the teams are blocked in I recall seeing it depends where you set the threshold of course but. The nationals of course being the most recent example, let's team that got off to a terrible start and went. Onto win at all bent as it usually happened. Most of the championships champions at the past few years were good in the first half of the season as well, but it does. There's going to be more chaos. Just leave it at that, yeah! Cancer's good I like I guess yeah. Sorry Spring Training in seven days and there's no planned. KOSH COVID nineteen. There's no. This is gonNA. Go flawlessly yeah. So, we're rooting for like this chaos of the sport, not chaos with like all the health stuff necessarily. Anti chaos it pertains to health although I look forward to many awkward takes on guys testing positive, and then that we're going to do that thing where we talk about it, and it's sports sense like what does this mean for? What is? You know the. First Round or whatever and that's going to be really weird. Yeah, I! Don't think Reggie that. We'll be here. You might like solid serious, not really take try to stir out. Oboe. Site is defense thing I think it's GonNa work out pretty well. You've been doing an incredible job with it so far so I wouldn't change a thing. Crushing it and go take things that we listened to the experts. Giving you a little preview. Of You, it's Nice. Let's. Go. Go enjoy your thirty minutes off. I cannot thank you enough for me coming on here and helping US understand. Syriac. That's how he gets the food. Goodness what? Do you, think final question, do you think? If Lenny met Chase Elliott. He kiss him open mouth as well. So. Answer to this, which is we first are veteran. La is a Korean woman and Lenny was like weirdly sent around her right and my husband aren't thinking like. Maybe he thinks it's you. It's your sister. There's some sort of recognition racial recognition going on there and. It was a little weird right. But then when he met my brother, theory was put to rest. All right. Let me thank you for joining us. Thank you the best. Players. You. Should probably talk about basketball I mean I know we talked about it last week, but I feel like everything changes every twenty seconds. Okay, who let me call? Going to call David Jacoby a Ho yeah, I've heard of him because he is my friend and he knows about basketball and he can tell us. About basketball..

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