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Right. And so that is not leading us in a positive direction until of health when you consider the fact that one out of every three people suffers a heart attack from heart disease. I mean, honestly, I don't know what the reds are timid. But they're probably higher bad. This what we would say. I mean can't give me a typical like a snapshot of what it looks like down there in terms of. Okay. So just just walk you through our locker room like in. So in a wellness center, we have I would say just a rough guess a good half. And I'm mean, generous here of all the guys that are going to the gym. And I love them. I'm not picking on. But at least half of them or would be technically morbidly obese, and I would say maybe more of them who are my age or older or on statins. You know? And some of them are having dialysis because they've had the I don't know what what you've had so long that you wind up need dialysis, but buddy, I talked to all the time who he's losing weight now. But it's because he is so diseased. So whether you go to WalMart at you, go to Rouse's people riding in buggies and people always talking about the next heart attack Arte last, heart attack or cancer. They got debts. Ubiquitous man disease is ubiquitous in in especially on the by so much. So it is normal is norm. And when it becomes normal. Then there's then it just feels like there's no need to do any like if every if everybody's in your predicament, then there's no urgency to change the. And but his book in the only way honestly that someone like me is is willing to or able to. Go against the grain in that environment is because I know people that have my bag that are really smart. They might live in California or they might live in North Carolina..

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