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Prince of Bel Air Reading and special stars Daphne Maxwell Reid, You are the second Vivian banks and were reluctant to take the role. I can imagine why. Well, I had had quite a career before the fresh Prince of Bel Air, and I was coming from Back to back to back wonderful experiences as on theories. And my agent says, We have an audition for you for a sitcom with a young rapper, and I said I will have that. Thank you very much. On and so IPad E saw the show when it came on the air, and I said, Wow, what a huge show! When they came back to me three years later. I was not at all hesitant to come and join these wonderfully talented people and keep this show going. I thought it would be more along the lines of wait a minute. I'm supposed to be a new character that's already established for me. That would be kind of an odd a nod shell do, Phil. I wasn't trying to fill its shell. I could only bring what I had. And I didn't know her. I had seen her perform on the show. Um, but I was not trying to replace her. I was trying to step into a role. To be a part of a group of people who were on the same goal team. And, uh, I was just another team member. Up to two player all know and for you, boss. Um, I didn't. Didn't try to replace I just Went to work and the writers gonna creatively made fun of the of that aspect now and then, didn't they? With little Easter eggs placed in the script? Well, just one my first show. When jazzy Jeff came to visit and give a present to the new baby that showed up. I started with the baby and he said, You know, you sure look different since you had that baby just broke the fourth wall as he did a lot on the show and just looked at the audience and shrug and Nothing else was ever said about it. This is the fresh Prince of Bel Air Reunion special we're talking about and it is on H B O Max. Tonight is the premiere. But I imagine it'll be on a bunch of different nights where you can watch it. Daphne Maxwell Reid played Aunt Vivian and she is with us now. One of the appealing Well, I guess it's the best appealing. Aspect of the show. Is that it? It appealed, not just tow one audience. It appealed to older, younger black white. Everybody could find something relatable within the fresh Prince of Bel Air Story. Yeah. It was a basic fish out of water story, which is always a great book. And it was also dealing with Universal themes, things of family. We all come from a family, whether we're all together or not. We're all from a family and we're seeking family. That's our nature. And we had the opportunity with all the characters that we had on this show. To represent different points of view. And different aspect of a situation. I just the person that we were Hillary was kind of into herself and there are those at Tatiana was just Most curious little girl. She wanted to see everything. She wanted to do everything and we have those in our family. And then we have the rock, which is the center that everything else revolves around which was Uncle Phil. And the butler for our comedy relief and for International point of view. It was well put together, character wise, we had I mean the character that Al Fondo plays young Carlton was just a boil. Four. Will they perfect as mutton, Jeff? It was a great, um Do with that they had and counterpoint to each other. Play off of it just worked so well. I think Quincy Jones is brilliant. You could spot talent and he spotted will when he first Off what he did in the music field. He could see that this young man could be The light that has guided this show. The past 30 years. And they talk all about it in the fresh Prince of Bel Air Reunion Special HBO. Max. It premieres tonight, but then you can see it again. I imagine you probably have HBO, Max and don't realize that I just checked yesterday and I'm Lo and behold, I've got it. Daphne. Maxwell Reid is with us on all the time. You can. Yeah. Why should any time? Yeah, and I wanted to talk to you about one of my favorite roles and one of my favorite shows of all time. It didn't last very long on CBS In the eighties, it was called Frank's Place. You and your husband where the main characters and I just was heartbroken when it was not renewed. It won all the Emmys. It had brilliant writing, and I just think it was just too cool for the room. It was too cool for the room and politically, they head of CBS decided it was saying things that he didn't want said so. Canceled it. I was I grew up in that part of the country and the producers of Frank's place. Nailed the different characters you come across in the city of New Orleans nailed. The differences between Creole and Cajun culture nailed the difference between the Catholic and Protestant cultures. But but did so in a way that was very entertaining and very heartwarming. I thought so, I I certainly hope you and Tim are very proud of that role. I wish I wish you would come back. Very proud of it. We've lost you. Wilson, who was Tim co creator on this Joan and we've lost most of the cast. We lost the new cast member. This week. Boys, young Charles. Um Lately. What with the sea. I think Charles hey, was young man who worked at the restaurant and showed Frank to his room when he first got there he was. Delightful young man and We lost him this week, so We? Most of the cast is gone. Right? We have the tapes. Yeah, well did while we'll have a screening for a fundraiser or something, and we still get the same reaction that we got when we first did the show. My favorite episode. I'll prove it to you. My favorite episode was everyone gets treated like ladies and gentlemen at the Ritz. As the ship the shares. I'm sorry. Yes, Yes, That's right. That was Miss Marie. Yeah, Yeah, She was quite You know, the history of This, William She was Actress back in the thirties and forties. Wow..

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