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We raised a barrel became schmidt will join simply simply simply amazing and listeners i told you guys that were coming in 2018 with nothing but strong actionable content so there you have it guys and if you guys want to know how and this is four this is not only for real estate investors but homeowners in general just that there's a lot of money being thrown down the drain just just by little little decimal points little errors that banks or not perfect guys we are not perfect we are all human even computers him out perfect so there are lots of areas that are being made and if it's an errand not in your favour nine times out of ten nobody's going to tell you about it so if you if you want access if you again he joined has given us three different links and i'm gonna and what i'm going to do is i'm gonna make a pdf offer you guys miss going to be at before the millions dot com slash verify and you can download that pdf instantaneously and get access to all three of those websites and gold lower your mortgage creamy gogo your pmi i mean this this is free for my right joined like there's only a charge if they're able to lower lower your pain that that situation that charger but if they say oh no we looked at you can actually say loud and they'll charge whatever two or three hundred bucks zinc thousands some guests this is not something you yourself these people track every index what's up and down what should they ever this very complicated the average person i want the tests walnut zebra huge mcnally muddy but insights exactly exactly levy so again again listeners if you want access to every link there jordan has mentioned so far visit before the mains dot com slash verify sojourn let's talk about mortgage savings for for heroes the still talking about how to save the average investor the average person what they home mortgage saved them some money here in 2018 the talk about mortgage savings for heroes and some things that he rose may not know about the things that are offered to them so heroes are defined as people who give who in many cases are not appreciated either at all financially that would include military retired your veterans egg.

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