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They were afraid they would try to go to the dog shelter and get a dog so they killed all the dogs. It's like going to a A grocery store and burning all the groceries up because they're afraid people might go get groceries. That's how sick things are in australia. And i'll tell you australia over. The weekend had massive massive rallies against the lockdown in many parts of new new south wales in cetera. We do actually a applaud these people because of courageous and in fact. We've gotten several emails. At the ron paul institute from people in australia and some very long ones. You would not believe how tragic it is. They all end with the same thing. Please pray for us. We are victims down here. We are in prison. You would not believe it. So i just hope and we hope that the australians find a way to get their freedom back. Well you know there's a saying that goes I kill all yours. Were there they say. I kill all the dog the dogs. Yeah yeah no. That's that's really sad. It is and i have a couple of things. Speaking australia was put up this next clip. This shows how wonderfully they're locked down. They're going if we can put the next clip up here. australia here. Are there lockdowns over and over and over november. Twenty six viruses eliminated. Lockdown lockdown lockdown lockdown. How many times did they locked down in the cases. Continue to go up. It's had zero affect yet. They continue doing it. And here's something else out of romania. Dr paul that makes me scratch my head. This is an orthopedic surgeon. Go to the next clip police who tweeted this out over the weekend very fascinating. How do we explain. The situation. In romania only twenty five percent of the vaccinate of the population is vaccinated cases and deaths are plummeting. The government is closing down. Vaccinating centers and selling the vaccines to the west. And go to the next one. Here's a little bit of a up on what's happening and this is from reuters. Daily reported infections and deaths are plummeting even though less than a quarter of the population is taking the vaccine and in fact they're closing the vaccine centers and the coping hospitals. This is a head scratcher. We have no idea what's going on. But we're grateful to the doctor from romania for passing that information on and that's it for me all right very good. I i wanna close. With a short quote from not thomas dealer renzo friend of ours and writes on new rockwell site frequently. Because there's one thing that really bugs me because we're have to contend with the people who more or less want to bury the concept of natural immunity and they want to totally ignore. They really do you. You know they want vaccines and the other stuff in the even if you have natural immunity most of the they ignore it. You know. that doesn't count. We've heard that. But tom makes a statement here which i think is real good. We're real short quote. He says He's lamenting this fact. Return to the united states. One must fill out a cdc form in which you must declare that you have either at cova tests that had was negative in the past three days or you have recovered from cove..

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