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She took this par- teat down like it was so late and everyone was let everyone was. The whole weekend. But like this week this party in particular, like, honestly, I don't remember anything like it was just I remember having the time of my life. Also, I had many conversation with one lady her, and I said my sister Jackie and I appreciate work. My sister. Jackie like really is. Just like, and he just like he he see each other. He respects respect him. I told him when it come to LA soon, I need to come in the pop, and he was more than supportive, and I just love him that so excited, and he really is also like the life of the party good time alum. Sure, I also started why I had watched before. But I watch episodes of nightly pop this weekend. Oh my God. I was on the floor there. It's so funny. And like, I just can't believe some of the things that they only on one night still in now it's on Sunday nights. And they took now busy Phillips is on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, she lost Sunday, which I think is a big deal because sending nights or credit options. So oh my God. It's sometimes I'm like so shocked by the things that they say they're on the like, they're so shady, and it's so fun. Oh, I watch you really need to watch it. So it's like wild. I just can't believe that it's on TV. It's like a web show, right? Breaking just get away with anything and be hilarious and say curse words curse. Yeah. They bleep. Yeah. But it's funny. Bleep is cool. Sometimes no total. It makes even more cutting. Maybe they're not even saying curse words. There's just throwing in bleeps love it makes it makes you think. Okay. Are you ready now for the past five stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toast? I feel better. Yeah. Mississippi for coffee. I feel like that might help. Just warning your coffee will taste different after I drink it because I have the breath of dragon, and it's going to change the way your coffee tastes. That is Carol said he's own. It's just cold broom. Okay. We have a lot of stories. I tried to subgroup them into make them seem like one story for a story. Oscar nominations are here the full list of nominees best actor Christian bale. Vice Bradley Cooper stars born William Defoe at attorneys gate Rami Malik bohemian rhapsody Viggo Mortensen green book best actress, you'll eat operates. CO roma. Glenn Close the wife Olympia Coleman the favorite lady Gaga. A star is born Melissa McCarthy, can you ever forgive me? I've never heard of that. Yeah. Me neither. 'cause you know, I found something. So interesting about Melissa Brian Atwood discovered her what this that that a restaurant their best friends, and I knew that. But like he discovered her years ago, and she was like funding. He was doing comedy threw up on a Mike. Wow. I know that's crazy. I know best supporting actor Mahershala Ali green book. Sam Elliott star is born Adam driver, black clansmen, Richard E grant, can you ever? Forgive me..

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