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Welcome to Shaker Heights episode. Three the crush sixteen year old Lisa Pruitt was stabbed twenty one times by an unknown assailant. September fourteenth nineteen ninety and Shaker Heights Heights. Ohio a well to do suburb on Cleveland's east side. Her body was found about one hundred feet from her boyfriend's back door where he lived with his parents and sister. This boyfriend Dan Dreifort had been released from a mental institution. Earlier that day after the murder dance friends gathered to discuss the murder in likely suspects. We'll never know exactly what was discussed at these. Private meetings of grief stricken children but we know that after those meetings dance dance friends. went to Shaker Heights. Police detectives and said they believed Kevin Young had killed Lisa Pruitt out of jealousy over her relationship unshipped with Dan. The police searched Kevin's house and found no murder weapon or bloody clothes. Nothing at all to link him to the crime scene and he had an alibi as the investigation continues an interview with eighteen year old Stanley Kramer. Dreamer implicates Dan Dry. I father and a possible conspiracy of silence by now Shaker Heights. Police Detectives have interviewed reviewed. The men and women who had the means motive and opportunity to commit the crime and they've heard from a handful of teenagers and Shaker Heights high school who regard Kevin Young with hatred and suspicion. The case takes a turn that Monday just three days after after. Lisa's murder that's when the police detectives decide it was Kevin Young who committed the crime. What follows is a statement eight mint by a lead detective in the case which explains how F. B. I.? Pro Filers helped convince them it was probably Kevin who committed. I did the crime on Monday. September Seventeenth Seventeenth nineteen ninety. I was contacted by special agent. Dick ran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Relative to the lease approved. Homicide agent ran. Advise me that he was the the case agent for the Aiming Bhave case and offered to assist us in any way he could. He further informed me that due to the circumstances surrounding the PRUITT case that he would need to inquire choir as to any similarities between the Mahalla Vic improved homicides. I invited agent Ren to come to our station in review our reports and other information that we had accrued each advised that he would visit our station at approximately one PM that afternoon. I was unable to meet with H. Wren when he arrived at the station to the fact that I was at the Cuyahoga uh-huh county prosecutor's office with detective. Sergeant Timothy read preparing a search warrant for the resident of Kenneth Texts Workman agent ran in agent. John done met with other members of the Investigative Bureau in Review reports and evidence from the Homicide upon returning from the county prosecutor's. Office Detective Sergeant Timothy Read Detective Robert Bert Shipping and detective. David executed the search warrant at Twenty six twenty six north Moreland apartment number two. The residents of Kenneth Workman see supplementary suppplementary report. By sergeant read there was nothing of evidentiary value located during the search later that afternoon while searching through several plastic trash bags that were removed the residents of Kevin Young during a search of his residence of Sunday morning. September sixteen of Nineteen Ninety investigators located several documents that contained writings and power phrases. That indicated that Kevin Young had some sort of behavioral problem. The writings referred to Kevin's disdain. For Jews Arabs and blacks you further remarked about his own problems with developing relationships with females other writings revealed as inner feelings when he observed couples male female acting out their affection for one another further further examination of the documents indicated interest in Satanism and neo. Nazism specifically skinheads. There were several documents that refer to suicide after after all the documents were examined contacted agent Ren and advised him as to what we had found. I asked him if he knew anyone. Locally who could review the writings in office in opinion on what they meant Egypt ran referred me to supervisory special agent James Right at the FBI Academy is Behavioral Science Section in Quantico. Virginia I attempted to make contact with agent right but was unable to do so due to the late hour on Wednesday September Eighteenth nineteen ninety. I made contact with ancient right. He asked me to fax him all all available documents relative to Kevin Young. You further related that he would review the documents that same evening. I gathered all the documents thirty seven pages worth and had them facts the agent right. The transmission was completed at twelve thirty four. PM on Thursday. September nineteenth nineteen ninety ten thirty A. M. Egypt right contact me by telephone and advise me that he'd reviewed the writings of Kevin Young and the details of the police report of the murder of Lisa. pruitt he stated that it was his opinion from the information that he it examined that the murder was definitely a quote neighborhood thing unquote and that the person that we were looking for new Lisa. Pruitt Egypt right then gave me a personality profile of what he learned concerning Kevin. Young he related that Kevin's personality profile. Definitely fit that of a person capable of committing the crime in question. He further remarked that we should look at other sexual assaults that have been reported in the past agent right went on to state that Kevin Young has no ego low self esteem. He probably probably realizes that people don't like him. Even offered some suggestions for any further interviews with Kevin Agent Right suggested the Kevin Young interviewed at night the later the better you described Kevin as a night person. He further suggested that the interview should take place in a non threatening environment. Not In an interrogation room. The interviewer must be able to bond with Kevin quote provide a friend unquote. The interviewer should be mature looking articulate intelligent he must not resemble Kevin's father bother or have an authoritative personality Egypt right than proffered the following interview structure. One don't start off the interview by being threatening but to create some anxiety in the subject. Show them something from the scene but it off to the side within his peripheral vision things from the scene might quote tweak him to to give the subject of face saving scenario to Kevin's good and bad quote. He lost control. He's not really responsible. In quote referred referred to his writings quote if I ever lose control of myself withdraw into an alternative world in animal instincts. Takeover this is from essay written by Kevin Young dated January Ninth Nineteen Ninety Three explained that the problem needs to be resolved for be. Be careful not to be judgmental five. Don't be confrontational and six. You can expect a lot of denial for a long long time after speaking with agent right. I advised him that I was not sure that I had an interview with expertise in dealing with the type of personality that he describes I further advised him that depending depending on laboratory results the success or failure of this investigation hinged on the interview with Kevin Young Egypt right offered to assist in any way he could other than personally conducting conducting the interview. I then asked if you would assist in preparing the interviewer. I told him that I would be willing to come to Quantico with the selected interviewer if he could make his staff available to us for whatever period of time that he thought was necessary. Egypt right reiterated that he would help in any way possible on Friday September Twenty First Nineteen Ninety at two PM Egion run agent done members of the investigative bureau chief Ogre. Nick and I met in the conference room. We decided at that meeting. The Kevin Young was our primary suspect suspect and that we should make arrangements as soon as possible to meet with agent right at Quantico agent offered US assistance and advised that he would be willing to accompany us to Quantico for the the interview preparation session after the meeting I contacted agent right in advised him of the results of our meeting. Agent stated that he would be available to meet with us on Tuesday. September twenty-fifth Nineteen Ninety at eleven. Am and that he would be at our disposal for as long as it took to structure our interview. Chief Walter U-b-e-r Nick after consulting with members of the investigative native bureau assigned detective..

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