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Tyrian linister who john snow yup sanza stark or did nearest target burien see okay so those are the five surfacing lancaster tyrian lancaster john so sanza stark dare dinner star gary and put them in order of best chance to to send in the armed thrown to the worse or you could go the other way which are which where you want to go okay i'm gonna go from top to bottom gotta go policing number one okay i'm going to go john snow number two okay i'm gonna go science a number three day i'm gonna go tyrian number four okay and i'm gonna go sursee number five greg disagree with any of that i do i'm also only halfway through season six so i don't know if i say you don't have oats i this was mason this is a stunning job by you really you have them in almost the exact order the only thing that's different is we have to transpose three and four here's the order the favorite to sit on the iron thrown is khalifa yup dinners turkeyrearing odds are five two to john snow odds are three two one you said sanza stark third it's actually tyrian landed third fifteen to two so he's basically seven and a half to wear netties last two are actually value bets sanza stark twenty two to one pretty good odds they're pretty good if i had to bet this in vegas i'm taken sursee lancaster added fifty to one woman is a survive right and she's fifty to one shame and she will kill her own children to sit on that thrown fair yet don't you think dea i think she would kill i think she killed jamie i think she killer on brother.

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