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Flag. All right. Anja will start things off the top 25 college basketball scoreboard right now. Second half. It's Ted Frank, West Virginia leading Kansas State. 37 26 number. 11. Florida State leads North Carolina 41 33. Less particular check, rather in front of weight for a 68 33/22 San Diego State leads Boise State in the second half 29 to 24 a game. You were just talking about Oklahoma State of Set number seven Oklahoma in overtime Just now, 94 90 the final. They're also today. Number three, Michigan knocked off Indiana 73 57. 18th ranked Texas Tech beat number 14 Texas 68 59. It was fifth ranked Illinois over number 23, Wisconsin 74 69 20 Frank, Arkansas Down L S u 83 75 Auburn Upset Tennessee 77 72 tonight. Second ranked Baylor will visit number 17, Kansas in the MBA. Tonight. The Nets hose the Mavs in Brooklyn, but they will be without Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant Irving out tonight with a shoulder discomfort. Nets head coach Steve Nash says Durant won't be back until after the All Star break as he continues treatment on the hamstring injury. First forward, the Marge Rosen will be back in the lineup tonight against the pelicans. He missed two games for personal reasons. Raptors forward Pascal Siachen will reportedly miss the next three games and be out through the All Star break under covert health and safety protocols. No word of fussy welcome. Has tested positive or if it it's a contact tracing issue. Now to the NHL and a handful of matinees in the books. Materials that Colin scored twice. Is the Predators ice. The blue Jackets to one Sean Qatari, a had a golden in assists and the Flyers shut down the sabers. Three zip in Ottawa. Michael back, then had a goal in to assist help the flames double up the Senator 63 and in Newark, the Capitals built in early first period, three. Nothing lead and went on to be the devil's 5 to 2. Spring training games begin tomorrow. Albert Pools, told reporters this morning. He will not be making a decision on his potential retirement until after 2021, who holds wife fueled speculation with an Instagram post earlier this week and White Sox first baseman and raining A L M v. P. Jose A Brave was back in camp today after testing positive for covert during Thean take process. Additional tests, though, showed to bring you had antibodies. Which indicate he has already had the.

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