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Up to three times in next year john bustling news ninety six five wdbo let's take you now live to pflueger ville texas where we're getting an update now on the investigation into the home of the suspected bomber zero three north second street now these federal agencies have been working around the clock with local and other federal agencies law enforcement have not left this investigation they have left their families in order to keep our community safe and we're working together i want to ensure the citizens of pflueger ville and those in adjoining jurisdictions that the reason that we evacuated for a five block radius was for their safety to allow these law enforcement agencies to do their job what we're going to do is we're going to shrink that parameter a few blocks and you will see police officers and barricades coming up to the railroad walnut and second street area local police there now announcing that they will be taking evacuation zone to a smaller area immediately had evacuated downtown gavril and several of blocks around the home actually where the suspect package bomber live after agents went into the home may have found some mindset sierra devices it's not clear at this point they're not saying meanwhile the family of my conduct is expected to issue a statement at some point today we'll keep you updated on this developing story it's five o five.

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