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Check out espn films newly released thirty for thirty podcast from the producers of all ward winning documentary series this is an amazing collection of sports stories you need to fear speaking of amazing delta airlines and the flag delta app make your travel experience amazing easy with realtime bag tracking eve warding and passport scam during checking and don't forget the download thirty for thirty podcast the bill your flight with stories that will keep you coming back for more the biggest games biggest events doping is stories what you signed up for that i thought it was observe a day welcome to the esp necsports podcast orderly is pennies sports podcast on jacob wolfensohn today's special episode of the podcast i am joined by the philadelphia seventy six or ceo scott o'neill last year in september scott in the sixers bought two eastwards teams team digging haazen team apex and are now in the process of applying for the league championship series for a cost of ten million dollars in the podcast scott in i discussed the facing the challenge of potentially not being in the league his hopes for being in the league and also what he's warned over is high in east sports without further ado welcome scott o'neal of the philadelphia seventy six years jakub i'm thrilled to be here thanks route on me so one of the kind of open up with something you guys have been in this industry for about a year what is the biggest thing you've learned about eastwards during her time of kind of overseeing deemed ignatov for the last year.

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