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P news. Friday morning August 12th budget with us here at WTO P at two 18. That's a good weather on the 8s. Good morning to rich under in the WTO traffic center. Hi, good morning, dean right now, traveling 66 east found works on Jermaine in place first between the Prince William Parkway and suddenly wrote two left lanes get you by and then as you continue east toward 29 central single right lane through the work zone between one 23 and not least street and again as you cross over the beltway down to a single right lane through each of those work sounds they have stopped traffic on several occasions as you approach the capital bellway so just be aware you may find yourself in slow to stop traffic as a result in that work sound now on the westbound side there are working between route 7 and the beltway. Also down to a single ride land and also subject to closures as you approach and pass nutley street single right length you buy again, then further west is you leave manassas toward Gainesville between the Prince William Parkway and 29 games there the work sun blocks a single left lane to get by without delay and additional lines up to folks traveling between manassas and centerville. If you're thinking about using 29, you may want to reconsider, they are working between the lighted subtly road and the bridge over bull run, they are I'll tell you traffic one direction in time to a paving project at times very slow there as a result, a loudoun county just south to the point of rocks bridge, U.S. 15 remains closed between the intersection with Sinclair lane and luck. That as a result of the crash which brought down a pole and wires yesterday during the evening rush, near black walnut lane, so again, closure remains in effect, and that's your workaround, so if you're coming south from the point of rocks bridge, you turn left on the saint Clair, which turns into luck its road and takes you back to 15 south of the crash scene, rich hunter WTO traffic. Fantastic weather approaching, we're seeing showers and clouds that came through overnight, pushed off towards the east and high pressure settling in

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