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Broader health Department bill, which Governor Holcomb is expected to sign Mental Health America of Indiana Vice President Brandon George says needle exchanges have been proven to promote public health and help addicts don't go traditionally to our hospital's S. So we're touching people that don't normally get touched and giving them a bunch of services that just happens to include syringes, he says. Those who take part have been five times more. Likely to get treatment. Legislators have a week and a half to figure out how to spend $3. Billion. Eric Berman reports the animal get $3 billion from the latest federal pandemic really fill. Senate Appropriations Chairman Ryan Mishler says the bipartisan State Budget Committee can deal with some of it after legislators go home. But Senate Republicans budget includes 900 million of it, and Mishler says he plans to add more once he's had more time to study it. Eric Berman 93 Wi VC Mobile need three people were injured in a shooting an Indian app. Yes, but they survived. The victims were found at two different scenes on Woodbrook Drive and the other on Lafayette rode. Those two scenes are about a mile apart along West 52nd Street on ND's North side. Police are searching for suspects. Nearly 10 inmates of the Johnson County Jail recently tested positive for Corona virus. So healthy leaders moved to get them vaccinated as quickly as possible of the 340 inmates being kept at the jail. Only 58 actually wanted to get the Corona virus vaccine. We're not doing it. Just not gonna do it when I'm gonna be getting pigs, and I get that that is there, right? Way just had to do with it, Johnson County Sheriff Dwayne Burgess tells wish TV. So far no inmates have reported any symptoms that required them being taken to the hospital. $317 million in sports bets placed last month in Indiana, the second most for a month in the state and because of the lack of sports last year around this time due to the pending make these numbers showed an increase of more than 300%. Online betting accounted for 88% of that number and $160 million of that We're basketball bets, mainly on the double a tournament, you'll be able to enjoy your time in the ballpark soon. The three minor league baseball teams in Indiana, Fort Wayne, South Bend and Indianapolis had their 2020 seasons canceled last year because of the pandemic, But Rob Connor reports they'll be back in action next month. We have not played on Labor Day. 2019 Mike Nutter is the president of the Fort Wayne Tin caps. Each of the three teams did what we could to two people around and to keep things going in our case. Specifically, we furloughed just about everybody on staff. But he says those employees are now back. The 2021 season starts May 4th in the tin caps will still require masks, starting with 3000 socially distant fans per game. Hoping to add more later this summer. Rob content 93. W I. B C Mobile news Similar measures expected as well for the Indianapolis Indians. I'm Sean Herrick on the level on the going on w I b c calm 805 with traffic.

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