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<music> how shorts and spectators dany politics podcast. I'm as hartman and i'm joined by james and stephen daisy easy well this morning. Ruth davidson announced her resignation as leader of the scottish conservatives. This is what she had to say. This has been seen a remarkable time in politics and i will always be thankful for the opportunity to have a front seat. Fish little history was being made. I am so proud of the teams that we have built a party. Holyrood westminster came chambers across the country prior tired of the work that we've done to reach out to all communities in scotland north so rural or urban armed after some follow decades just to prove ourselves a truly national party once again stephen. She scientific mainly personal reasons in her speech this morning but it can't just be about night. Can it no. I think it's fair to say that there's a there's a of both going on here. Certainly she is she is still <hes> you know relatively new mom. Her baby is only ten months old and she is planning to marry her partner. Jane <hes> all of the things huge pleasure assures for anyone but we didn't have high profile job. She is only amplifies it but you can't get away from the facts that you know ruth. Davidson is no very much so step with where the conservative party is today. She opposed boris johnson quite vociferously and becoming leader she campaigned for remain and while oh she was willing to back theresa may's deal she made very clear that she was against new deal brexit and which no appears to be the course thought what's number ten is heading on. I think the yes the personal bloom large for her but probably the decisive factor for her as the fact the the the party the yuki level that had just diverged so far from where her liberal blue collar politics toryism some balls and it's a big blow to the scottish conservatives or were they actually starting on a downward trajectory after a pretty good few years underneath davidson. It's an she actually quitting when she's ahead as much as anything else could be an i. I think the the the mood among most scottish conservatives today is that this could be an existential event for them. It's hard to overstate how central recidivism wars to the revival of the scottish conservatives and she as i was she was the party the revival from absolutely nowhere from the white of ninety seven. She brought them back largely by force of senility determination you know and and endeavor look at the the the election material from general elections in scotland from hollywood elections. The wards conservative ferry vati small leaflets posters devoted baked baked pitchers of risk davidson. You it really was the risk davidson party. She was the one who connected with a low of c. To voters who had never thought voting conservative before but like ktar liked her of can-do spit and the late defense of the union yes escorts conservatives have been having a difficult time lately largely because of of the the fallout from brex was no however unrepeatable the problem though is that they have scrambled fainting you leader with even <hes> a sort of a a measure of the star davidson hide and it's not clear that they have any obvious candidate and moreover most of the candidates so candidates that wits would come to mind essentially share the same views as she has on on the questions of breaks and indeed on the question of boris johnson himself south james heave reported that boris johnson and his advisors new with davidson considering stepping down for a couple of weeks. What's the median downing street's now that she has quit the roof. Davidson from relationship has always been difficult. She backed free different candidates to be to renita other than him. I've been the first meeting between when bush went to scotland with him. As prime minister went better than expected but i think everyone always knew it was going to be difficult. I mean i mean if you look at this. Judging juggle. We all make lies between the personal life professional life when you cease to enjoy your professional fresh light becomes a console console. You ask yourself. Is it worth sacrifices and that's clearly what's happened with her. It is it is clearly a combination of things but if she was in total alignment with the westminster leadership tory party on every issue. I think he would come to the same decision but number ten will be relieved today. The davison highland gone out of a big swipe at boris johnson. She was helpful to him as she could've been not. Press conference sign that she is drawing for a deal in m._b. Should vote for a deal if he can get one. This was actually he was much more brutal about david cameron than she was about boris johnson but i think there is a there is a big question mark here which is comes back to the question of electoral strategy which is as as stephen moore saying the it is hone to imagine i mean and as you were saying your question student even before today's resignation haunted mountain tour is going to keep hold of all of escalators alters seats in the event of an election for example is quite holland. Imagine pull most sincere voting for a no deal tory party moines is ruth davidson that schools does challenge becomes even bigger and i mean the question then becomes here. Where is this story. Majority are gonna come from an election year where they gonna make up for these scottish losses uses that is one of the big challenges which is how will you plan to redraw electoral map stephen. What does this mean for the union the and for for the union the conservatives have lost their leader but the union has lost. Its most robust champion in receivership. It was the face of the union and whenever there was speculation about a second referendum it was just assumed among most commentators there's most politicians that she would of course lead the second no campaign but was i think mark ruth davidson from many other known no nationalist politicians and skull was our unionism wasn't defensive. It wasn't apologetic. She took something a tear malate unionism which obviously has certain historic residences and certain parts of skull and she took an actually turned into philosophy with broader appeal so that you know even in some parts of the west of scotland we should you know had never really been twenty friendly and where the union had sometimes been seen through the prism of the orange orange and the green suddenly she had she was advancing a unionism that some people there could could actually vote for it's difficult to see who can replace are certainly the scottish labour leader richard lander has been some would say fatally undermined by by jeremy corbyn and john mcdonnell on the question of and you'd have to the liberal democrats mccracken are still relatively small in the scottish parliament no having to cover it from the police coalition is not clear through the places are today. The conservatives are mostly thinking about who will their leader be soon enough. They're going to be turning to the question of who is the the face and the champion of the union union and there isn't an obvious replacement james. This is obviously probably a blow to anti no deal conservatives as well slightly he less so in this is all going to turn on looking westminster uh maps and obviously we've davidson it was not was not sitting there and leaving anyone expected her. That's gonna lead the charge against no deal. I mean westminster. What we're seeing moment is things are a number ten is trying to forces assists but things i think i think things might well clarify in the next week into all you prepared jomie tobin in number ten. If you're not then you have to accept that that boris johnson is going to be allows pursue his breakfast russia. I think that's where things are going down here. In westminster. I think one of the big things but union is this is the moment she's perfectly credible. Oh for westminster to block any requests for second independence referendum. I think if pro-independence point win a majority of the hollywood election two thousand twenty one battle become much harder because they will have an explicit mandate for it more clear than they have at the moment and also i mean twenty twenty one year what has happened with brexit will be clearer and so you you at the moment you could give it any independence. Referendum will be taking place with voters not knowing awesome crucial information that they would need to note made their decision that position or really sorry hold or not twins twenty-one parliament and the question becomes a union is it does the absence of reef davidson from that campaign. Make it that bit easier for the pro independence parties to win a majority in election and just quickly looking out those anti no deal conservative m._p.'s james how they being responding today now that the dust is settling of the prorogation shen announcement. We've seen a lot of pressure said new members of the cabinet such as amber rod matt hancock consulted javid who made comments during the leadership contest about the prospect of pollen bain proved. What's the white conservative movement on this up to now so i think there will be legislative the attempt to force the government also incentivize and got a deal. I not come next week when parliament returns and you'll see a good number of conservative served m._p.'s vote for it including two former ministers in the lights of hominids and so but and this is what this comes down i will there's no guarantee. They will have enough time to get this done before. Parliament is paroled and secondly innovate could pass a law. There are lots of ways as there are lots of ways as opposed to frustrate that law is quite easy to find a way to answering accenture in such a way that guarantees the e._u. Will refuse a request so i think what consulted rebels are going to have to decide in the next few weeks is all prepared to put jeremy corbyn number ten or not because if they're not they can't be certain of stopping ping no deal because if not better back an alternative government then you could see boris johnson run down the clock in that fourteen day period and then holding election uh off to the forty first off once cares left and so by is that he's going to turn down to all they prepared to back and alternative government and i think it is adult male there yet i think most of them still would not be prepared to cross that rubicon. Thank you james and stephen and if you like what you hear please rate and review us. Wherever you get your podcasts maybe considered subscribing to the magazine the maybe we have a special deal on the spectator where you can get twelve issues for just twelve pounds and we'll even throw in at twenty pounds. I was about to just head to spectator which carry forward slash voucher. Thank you for listening and we'll be back tomorrow <music>..

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