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Sports radio studios the night of the nba drive and shenanigans are already underway draft his about forty minutes away but there is already and is your turned away. Russell westbrook to the lakers. You like it or not. Eight seven seven nine nine six sixty three sixty nine. What are your thoughts. Let's kick it off with juliette in los angeles on the odd couple fox sports radio. What's up juliette going guys doing good. I'm doing real good. I think. I like to trade for westbrook los angeles because you're a change for the blind. He doesn't have to do as much. You may nineteen ninety nine teen exactly. He doesn't have to do as much during the regular season average. Just about twenty points instead of twenty five points a game. He doesn't have to get as many rebound as many as you commit. Westwood majority of the heavy work and the bra gets chip in and raza majority of the season and put him twenty to get insist. We way davis share. Well look. I think that there's some of that thinking here. That look westbrook will be able to take a lot of pressure physically off of lebron. Anthony davis s clear. When lebron was on the bench westbrook will still be out there. Presumably and you know that unit without lebron should be able to be much better than it was this year. Here's the thing. No you gotta play them together at some point lebron alot how to become a layer in the play offs. So you can't you can't just have. Lebron play one way to regular season and then way in the playoffs. You know what. I'm saying that you are going to have to develop chemistry with lebron playing his typical game in both the regular season. Ploughs know what i'm saying. Rob there's just we're gonna play completely different in the play offs and tanada. That doesn't work. That's what chemistry comes in and kind of getting a feel for all three players out there. Chris i'm with you That sounds good put. That totally may help. I think you know. Rob i think you would even admit it. Yeah okay there's no doubt it's going gonna take a physical toll off of lebron ad right. He'll help but.

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