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Woman is dead after a giant tree fell slicing through her home here on farlow avenue in crofton This happened around 9 o'clock last night The back bedroom's been almost severed from the rest of the home the top half of a chimney now just a pile of bricks on the ground Russ Davies with the internal county fire department says it took about an hour and 45 minutes just to get her free They had to secure gas electric There was a possible leak of the refrigerant from the HVAC system and then when they got upstairs they had to secure just be able to make access to a components of the roof had come down the ceiling He says it's believed a strong winds last night led to what he calls an accident or an act of nature with very tragic outcome In crofton John dome in WTO he news We are hearing from several Maryland counties today on what their school mask mandate policies will be now that the state board of education has voted to lift them and allow local school boards to adopt their own policies Montgomery county says that this time all students and staff are still required to wear masks in schools and in school offices The system says it will provide an update on COVID mitigation strategies as it's at its school board meeting tomorrow Schools in Frederick county could vote to rescind the mask mandate as soon as today in Ana rundle county the mandate there was dropped last Friday and in prince George's county officials will decide the future of whether or not to drop the mask mandate If you've had a COVID-19 booster shot you probably won't need another one for a while Ask how long a booster works and it's really two questions related to whether it prevents severe outcomes or stops infection The duration of that immunity against reinfection doesn't stay for a long time but the protection against severe infection lasts for a long time Doctor Stewart ray is a Professor of medicine and infectious diseases at Johns Hopkins hospital He says there's mounting evidence Protected against severe disease for a long time meaning months possibly years But immunity against an infection that could be detected with say a PCR test That can begin dropping within three to 6 months Christy king WTO P news Happening today the D.C. council is holding a public hearing on a measure that would provide any district resident with a $100 on their metro smart trip card each month Council member Charles Allen's metro for D.C. act would also create a $10 million fund dedicated to improving bus service in some neighborhoods where a majority of residents rely on public transit It could also be used to create dedicated bus lanes or improve bus shelters for those who wait for buses Alan first introduced the bill in March of 2020 but then the pandemic shifted the council's focus Ten of the council's 13 members have co sponsored that legislation Up ahead after traffic and weather on WTO we'll see where the D.C. area ranks there's new data out on hate crimes It's 1107 C three AI is solving previously unsolvable problems in mission critical defense and intelligence challenges Learn more at C three AI C three AI This is enterprise AI.

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