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So. For hero coming off the baseline screens got it to the left Leslie can't feed Washington. So back the Hagans fifteen on the shot clock. Pagans throws it back to heroes. He wants to get to Washington to take on the art together to hand it back to hero. He can't shoot. Washington has the poll nocco Hilo takes us down to shoot the threes. It may have been foul by Q Witherspoon again going to his left. That's a difficult shot for a right hander the come around with that one of those in the first half, sixty eight sixty one Peter's deep three up the right side team for Peter. He put that right in gets face. That was a terrific shot by the little fellow back-to-back. Breeze by Lamar Peters his fourth one of the day. Sixty eight sixty four Kentucky to thirty to play. Hagen's has it on the left wing gives it out the hero deep on the left side guarded by. Peter's knows it back to Hagen's who tend to shoot Hagans angles. Right. Looking to feed it inside. Can't get the Johnson in the corner. Five to shoot Johnson drives into the paint job passed a hero left quarter challenge. Three hits the side. Of the backboard time runs out on the shot clock. It's Mississippi State ball heaters ran at KIRO and forced to hurry. Use foul too. He was fast two oh nine to play. Mississippi State with the ball down four. Comes into Peter's, and he'll walk it up for back court. Hagen's picks up. He comes across the line. Peter driving to the line goes to the bucket won't go rebounded by Travis. Travis outlet passed a and we get an officials time out. Peter's couldn't finish that because they speak to his right. He struggled that way wants to go to his left finishing at the rim. They may end up taking a look at this on the monitor because I think when read Travis grabbed the rebound as he pulled the ball down his elbow. Hit Peters who was behind. It is what it looked like in real time. There wasn't anything flagrant or intentional. I should say they're going to determine if it's flagrant or not. That's what they have to decide. Waiting to see if they put the replay up on the big screen here at sixty eight sixty four Kentucky one fifty five to play at the moment. It is Kentucky's ball. But. See if they the calling a flagrant one honoree Travis here or letting it go as incidental conduct contact. Once. Again, the best thing that happened out of that sequence defensively for Turkey may Peter's Goethe's right behind the trae Beatty Goethe's writing excellent halftime in Baton Rouge. Auburn leads LSU forty one thirty eight LSU comes to referee on Tuesday night, late second half old misleading. Georgia's seventy nine sixty two. Better than an hour away, Florida at Tennessee. They show the replay down. That's what the crowd reactions about Auburn with Wiley back. Now, he played the other day played about ten minutes. It's a different ball club. It's going to be Kentucky's ball coming to link to the floor. So there was nothing intentional there. For re Travis Peeters happen to be behind him in his read grabs the ball and pulls down your elbow naturally comes out a little bit. And it was a way. No it wasn't way up. It was kind of dalit the side. So it did look like he was heater walked into it. Wasn't throwing that elbow. Fans here with dispute our view of that. But it's Kentucky's ball and rightly so for them. To Washington gives it back to Johnson. He landed on minute fifty to play Kentucky with a four point lead. And the ball big rebound by retread shot by Peter. Three job the boards today. Outside of Kentucky twelve shoot as he dribbles to the middle of the floor. Fifty spreads it out little pick from Washington. Hagans angles right behind him to Washington fakes the three drives the lane. Good collision blocking Paul Mississippi State, Nick Weatherspoon, it'll be a three point play opportunity or PJ Washington. Get a good look at that. Even though we're courtside that all the bodies were the way, but. Jay left the floor. And I'm not so sure whether their time, but we'll let the fans here decide, right? No, we won't. Excellent. PJ Washington to three at the line twenty three points. His seventh twenty point game of the season for the last five this the free throw though and the rebound a. Seventy sixty four Kentucky minute twenty-five the plan. Weather's throws it across the court to his brother dairy tries to the right side goes by Washington, flips it up and an count the bucket, and they're going to call the foul on Washington, and that will be his fifth. This is not the NBA. That was a continuation. Come on. Now. That was a foul out of step and a layup. Yup. So that's thirteen for Weatherspoon, and he'll have a chance to complete a three point play PJ Washington Kentucky's leading score just found out of the game. One seventeen to play Kentucky could have ice. A while ago, if they would've converted at the charity stripe down the stretch here. Key. Mrs couple by PJ to Montgomery who checks back in replacing disqualified, Washington. Jason dishes with twenty three points. Can't go to the charity stripe late at this two shots when dairy weather's foods two out of three at the line. But he's eighty three percent shooter. He could cut it to a one possession game. One seventeen to play. Did he does? Well, the gift on the shot the two shot the two ports. I gotta give. Fourteen for Weatherspoon all of this half. Seventy sixty seven Kentucky. One zero five to play hero gets it to hagan's in the middle of the floor dribbling with his left hand off the pick to Travis to his right throws. It back to Travis at the top he hands at the Johnson Johnson down the lane goes to the rim bump this the shock tap. No good knocked up into the air knocked out of the hands of Johnson beneath Montgomery comes up with a fifty fifty ball. And again it back to Hagen's Johnson. Kept it alive. EJ effort at the end. Forty seconds to play. What I do tussle play by EJ Gumri, seventy sixty seven Kentucky. Twelve on the shot clock is Hagan stands. In dribbles out the on the left side. It's at nine seconds as he moves forward up. The pick from Travis goes down the light kicks to the right? Closer to Montgomery, fakes the three drives kicks to the left corner. Hagan's to on the shot clock. Missed the three long rebound a quick to Nick weather, smooth, Mississippi State with a ball down three fifteen seconds dairy Weatherspoon down the lane falls down. Loose ball picked up by Kelvin Johnson pans at the Hagan pagans fouled him back port. Ben Howland saying he wanted the foul called there. But it's going to be a foul called Mississippi State when dairy Weatherspoon drove through the lane and lost his balance. He Johnson came together. And then put Barry Weatherspoon lost his balance and lost the ball and Hagen's picked it up. And he goes to the line for Kentucky. Actually, there wasn't much body contact all that particular play looked like Witherspoon felt he couldn't shoot it over Johnson. So he started the fade before shot the ball. Pagans free throws. No good off the back of the ironies two out of four. Seventy six percent on the season. Eight point nine on the clock need this one to make it a two possession lead. Seventy sixty seven Kentucky. There's a hell ball the arrow pointing Kentucky's way. Hagan shoots said he hits at seventy one sixty seven. Comes into Peter's racing down the left side gives it back to Nick Weatherspoon, fakes leans in trying to draw the foul missed the shot rebound. Kelvin Johnson at Kentucky escapes with the win. Seventy one sixty seven over Mississippi State here in starkville. The Wildcats won their tenth in a row and they get their twentieth. Win on the season. The.

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