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Climb good morning I'm Jacquelyn Scott in the Katie okay new center this is Oklahoma's first news we might see sunshine later today our forecast is coming up a high incidence of coronavirus cases in Oklahoma in the eighteen to forty nine age group the state health department says thirty six of the current eighty one positive cases in Oklahoma are in that age group health officials say people of all age groups should stay home and practicing social distancing several hospitals in Oklahoma are refusing to let visitors see adult patients because of the coronavirus here's Brian Gant hospitals banning visits to adult patients include all integrity hospitals in the state mercy hospital in Oklahoma City the Norman regional health system you related hospital St St Anthony's the you hospital systems as one adult can visit a child patient some facilities will lead a visitor a company a labor and delivery patient into an appointment there could be a light at the end of the tunnel at least for the city of Wuhan in China here's Simon and charter is lifting a two months locked down in the province where the corona virus outbreak first emerged the local governments in his bay province second most places from tomorrow anyone with a clean bill of health will be allowed to leave the area will that be at the center city of Wuhan will remain locked down for the fifteen days of a province with tens of millions of residents has reported almost day view inspections for more than a week meanwhile the fight against corona virus grows in the US with the number of dead rising nearly six hundred people in the U. S. have died because of Kobe in nineteen fifteen states have issued stay at home orders and the struggle is on to get medical gear New York mayor bill de Blasio says city hospitals are just ten days away from running out of basic equipment California governor Gavin Newsom says his state's hoping to get one billion sets of gloves and a Washington state Providence house Bittles put out the call for one hundred million masks Jeff because of because tailored usually makes upholstery but now is employees are making masks about the people about the Y. about really loving neighbor I want them to know that we did it because a lot of the hospital chain says tens of thousands of other volunteers have also stepped in to help state school superintendent joy Hofmeister is recommending that school buildings not re open for the rest of the school year here's Beth Myers state school superintendent joy Hofmeister is proposing that beginning April six school districts provide distance learning for the rest of the school year how that learning will happen will depend on the capacity and needs of each district according to Hofmeister she says she has faith in the commitment innovation and creativity of Oklahoma educators and administrators the state board of education will vote on her recommendation on Wednesday Hofmeister says we must do absolutely everything in our power to reduce transmission of coronavirus state house Democrats say a patchwork of municipal band will not keep the corona virus from spreading in Oklahoma they're calling on governor Kevin Stitt to an active state wide closure of bars fitness centers and indoor dining for restaurants house minority leader Emily virgin says state officials have a responsibility to protect the public health and safety of all Oklahomans not just those whose city leaders have already taken.

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