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And then that's that's the first of all somebody making love with their hypnotists also deeply problematic fut- who issue is she a cop issue psychiatrists. Is she part of some board. Why is she why is why like what is what is her role. She's like she's the dean or the seller of principle the score something. I forgot what it was but she wore night school. No of it's happening in the same school that the morning thing and the night thing i think are happening in the same school building. And she's like the dean or the principal or something like that of that. It's not clear. I think that's what i got. She said why why would he outweighed saying blackmail. He was saying it was real. We find a later. It was black. Yeah so he was just trying to get them straight up fired yes he was trying to fire. Do we find out why now it goes. It never establishes later on in the not real version of the movie that we will just we already established. They're not married. And so that whole so. I can't trust anything from seventy eight percent of this movie but later on in the in the movie in fantasy whatever he reveals that their old rivals like they used to both study human consciousness and yeah but that was in the fake world. I guess so but it was. How oh man. But that parts real. Why would that be real the wife thing. When did he say wife multiple times. He literally you my wife. I guess i literally said ex wife and during the during the pool scene there were like i want to be back together. I've been thinking about you ex. Wife straight wife. That's he said the words. I've been thinking about you ex wife but yes kinda almost all the time he said. Why just just incorrect you. It was in a pool. It was a house that she bathed in. Oh god we gotta get to that same so they introduced that we reduce hour. The introduce everybody okay. I'm and then the cops then the first comes and the cops come like we're to arrest you for murder and then book we gotta get outta here. So they escape in a van in van. Who's driving. Where do the van come ahead. Why have a fax. I have no who is driving this van. The get into a van. Where did it come from. Why's it there. They just don't they. Just get into balking van. That's what happens. It was a rainforest cafe. That was her house. It was very much rate for his go. So big into this van. You've seen in the movie starts. They all start talking about their background and the problems followed by and getting to know one another and then they get out of the van before that before that. Sorry before that tears start having a panic attack. No anxiety attack. So what's the fucking overeater guy's name whistle dick whistle down with. Let's see. I think this is why i must say whistle is that we're so to find out who these guys are. Because they don't fucking say like their named a real movie. It's not a real. Yeah you can't find any information movie. Most of these actors don't exist in the fucking the the fuck actor. Simon conjure is one of the actors in this fucking i and the puck and gb anyway so whistle wise yet. That doesn't help riyadh. She smelled it like his tattoo. Wysiwyg wis wise lewin whiz. What's he was with. Bulwark burro busy ways. Oh it is bore. Your more played by travis were or comforts tears through her anxiety attack and then says oh now in almost verbatim says oh now that. I've helped her through an exciting tack. I understand where my comes from. And i think i know how to handle mine now and you get a flashback about why he overeats and then he literally says he doesn't literally says something to the effect of i'm cured and then someone says one now nine ago and throughout the rest of the movie this is how we get everyone's transformation they're just like oh my god i'm having a flashback. Go back through whatever fucking trauma they have and they they fucking work their shit out there so many things wrong with this. I don't even think it's that bad of a. It's a very classic movie technique right to do it's not i'm not even shaming them for that i am shaming them for the cavalier attitude. They have on. Mental health person has a legitimate binge eating disorder. He is has a mental health thing that he needs there. Repeat and help for not. Hey remember when you're thing got robbed. Oh wow yeah did break through now. I can't now. I don't like food. That's not how that works. His trauma was that he watched someone break into his home and then they fed him a sandwich missile. I forgot what happened. No no no no. And then. His mom went into the room and locked the door and left him out there. His mom left him to die. It's funny. I'm sorry but it's so stupid. Left him to die and then he was. No i have no. I have no control of the world. So i will eat. Yeah yeah i mean. I guess i guess we could talk about a little. Bit like yeah. This movie is so cavalier with mental illness. it's just like it's just a thing that you can fix magically in one shot which i mean if we're being fair A lot of movies have take. And i feel like mental illness and trauma and stuff like that isn't always written well. This movie is much worse than most movies. I agree it's general. Probably have in hollywood. This is true. This is worse. So how about this is your sure. And then you're right the vans and then and then i don't know his name scorpio. Scorpio scorpio says fuck this. I'm over it and makes them stop the car and then the cops arrest the drivers. Why we we didn't know who the drivers were. We didn't know why they're there. They just really like lindsey was literally like we've met them and i said no we happen. She's like why would they arrest people you never met and i said because this akpan it's a bad movie that just terrorist people. Yeah thank god. You guys brought them here. They are terraced and like oh nice and that we have that one guy. Peo- scorpio has his breakthrough moment. Which is so stupid. Nicholas breakthrough moment. His breakthrough moment. Was he remembered something about his father being a shed to him and he was like. Oh that's why angry all the time. But now that. I've used by anger for justice. No not angry. And he says he literally says i need to take out my anger on the bag s. He didn't he didn't use for justice the cops showed up and arrested him arrested the the terrorists that was and also markets. You're being small-minded know. His anger led to justice. He's batman so it's funny too because in the scene that's supposed to be very like oh this is serious. This is how we're gonna handle. Show his trauma he gets beat by his father and then he's like and my father's father beat him and then it all man comes out and starts beating the shit kids dead and then the kids leave starts crying in the corner which is like just so why it's because it says i wanted to break the cycle and i hit so this movie's aware of cycles like it's aware of thing. Yeah of the like domestic violence has psycho here. Yeah no he grew. Gaw one travel like i got it guys. I can solve it. I figured it out anyway. So then so then this is fucking wild because then they leave and then where.

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