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Briefing go to w. w. dot com slash daily briefing and sign up. There's much more ahead on the program including our spotlight. Politics team breaking down the indictments in the comment. Bribery scandal. But i is known of course for growing corn and soybeans. There's another local crops. Some say is ready for its close up honey chicago. Tonight's quinn myers has the story of a beef farm just north chicago that has become one of the most celebrated in the entire state. This is just a one to one sugar. Sugar and water. And we're feeding them because there is no nectar being produced very little right now certainly not enough to make honey. What we're trying to do right now. Is buildings colonies up. Karen engine belly never expected to become beekeepers a retired. Cps teacher and an architect they both grew up in chicago far away from any sort of agriculture let alone and apiary but in the early nineteen nineties after they bought farmland in old mill creek illinois near the wisconsin border the previous owner. Who still lived on. The property had an idea and she said. Why don't you try beekeeping. All the farms years ago all had a couple of hives appear a few years later after they befriended a beekeeper nearby and attended a few workshops. The bellies decided to give it a shot. We said we're going down to hamilton illinois to buy equipment and we're going to give it a try so she looked at me and said if we don't get into the soon we're going to be two older do.

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