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In every state the latest step in the fight to preserve culture from conflict the sculptures a replica of a three thousand year old statue from the temple of Ishtar in Nimrod in what is now Iraq the stone statue was one of many artifacts from the Mosul museum destroyed by the Islamic state group after it overran the city and twenty fourteen the much smaller replica of line of Mosul was modeled from crowd sourced photos taken by Mosel museum visitors and three D. printed as part of Google's digital arts and culture project it's going on display at London's Imperial War Museum in an exhibition that looks at how war devastates society's cultural fabric and the genius that often her steps taken to preserve it admission to the museum is free actor Leonardo DiCaprio's taking his environmental passion up a notch he's joining with billionaire investors and philanthropist Laurene Powell jobs and Brian shaft to create a new nonprofit environmental powerhouse charged with tackling climate change and the loss of biodiversity called earth alliance it hopes to protect ecosystems and wildlife and shore climate justice support renewable energy and secure indigenous rights to Gabrielle is a longtime environmental activists his ego focused Leonardo di Caprio foundation is giving out a hundred million dollars in grants for everything from line recovery and mangrove restoration to the defense of indigenous rights and better access to affordable solar energy as part of the deal his foundation will be folded into earth alliance British prosecutors say they've ended Britain's largest ever molten day slavery rings with the convictions of eight people they say more than four hundred victims of forced to work for a minuscule wages one that must've earned some two million patterns will tune up million dollars and lifting luxury group prayed on the homeless former convicts and alcoholics in Poland and you'll then to Britain with false promises of well paid work some ended up being paid less than a dollar for a day's work the ring was broken up by a three year police investigation radio news I'm Jackie Quinn the temperatures over one hundred in.

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