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Iribe seren after the hour here on the dj be show i'm doug different present rhetoric he will and carry showman general warren off again this week here in good time in hawaii the weather's great they're actually the weather is great to this week all around the eastern part of the country's gonna seemed like the west coast seventy degrees in washington new york and boston by mid week canada interesting only for day or two but still it set up wait a minute global warming hits the end of the earth now you know it's going to caused the end of the earth more pictures of ashley graham and sports illustrated that's i'm looking at her and the current issue of sports illustrated and her quote with this picture his nothing basically on xiaomi something like natural a with some stretch marks were cellulite and that something to be celebrated it as an accident at the headline from a kendrick lamar sandwiches while exerted at but yeah okay so anyway in spite of the fact she has over bite it's not oh my god all right let's get to focus on sales taxes use taxes taxes taxes taxes taxes taxes so this idea in my mind popped up with the suggestion it's come from the current administration that sales tax are applied a things online yes or no you can tweet your thoughts dj be show or two on air victoria or see schilling or had dug seven all of them are atsea schilling at on every courier what do you think is it a reasonable thing to expect that online retailers are we able to you know they now can't really collect sales taxes unless the companies have a presence of physical office store something serbia revised some online at best buy and you go to the store you pay the taxes on it at the start you even if you paid for it online though javed where do you have to pay for it at the store and you pick up the merchandise how's that usually work retur if you go to a physical store and you buy something.

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