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Right? He's not human Jesus anymore but a moment like this is like Oh. Yeah. Like you gotTa make sure you pay your taxes you know to your waitresses, waiters and waitresses he still very much in the moment of I'm still human here and I have a sensibility and I liked that that concept is so just think so lovely because it's also not about necessarily what he's worried about but maybe what she's worried That she's worried about what's about to happen to me was going to. God, but she also is also Human Brian going how am I going to make it in the world? I'm going to be a you know a decrepit widow sure and I love that he is speaking to her worries you in a moment at that he's dying. Yeah and if you want if you choose to interpret this is the larger that exchange as a larger metaphor for him trying to comfort everyone in the. Everyone left behind like you're gonNA be okay maybe you can do that but I just liked that aspect of him not just being like I'm getting crucified this sucks. But also think about other people, right? Good Job Jesus Okay. So that's the scripture for this new epilogue what happens to John does he just take care of Mary does he just have her living in mother-in-law sweet at his house? He does until she dies and then he actually leaves he goes to emphasise He writes three letters. They'd be famously become strong second and third John. He's been exiled because he was preaching the Gospel and he gets exiled to Patmos where he gets a vision that's really weird and it's a book we will never cover on the show maybe. The Bible's I. So he writes. Revelation. He eventually makes it back to emphasise is. A very ordinary. Like average daft much as you could ask for in about ninety eight. So, he lives like a long time. And then tradition holds. He's the only disciple to die of old age rather than to be martyred. Again. He's always telling us he's beloved. Listen in first second and third John He does not use his own name he refers to himself as the elder. Oh yet again, never bring himself and here's my favorite fun fact Turlington. From the late second early third century wrote that before the Romans banished him to Patmos, they brought him into a coliseum. They dumped him in a VAT of boiling oil Kerr and when he emerged unharmed, the entire Coliseum converted to Christianity owes nap. Good John Jock because he just really doing that just isn't really what that's like an NC INC like right after the intermission of the moment that okay let's see. Who or what the L. for you in the story gets disciples this at it's really took the not because of what they do but because we what we think of them because of how they act I, think the disciples bad pr for a very long time because we've always been like those days win God literally chose them because he saw something in them that they're flawed I like that peters like like you said I don't know where to put my hand. And just imagined James and John Going we have to we have to leave we have the league. And then they don't they just and I feel like we. The church teaches. With one breath are like, well, they were the most unassailable. But. Then we're also like I can't believe they've been there. So dumb. Yeah. They're not just every men or women you know like..

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