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The athletic in game score value added and their entire forward group ranks 23rd in the league with just 9.8 wins, which is very underwhelming. And it's interesting because it's something that everybody could see coming. Like, sure, they were expecting progression from Tanner to know. He was a good player to have last year and you know need writer at its contract. I think was a very good value add for them, but this is a team that for the last couple of years has not been good enough and then got really hot goaltending at the right time and decided let's just go for it and that's fine if they want to maximize their core of Roman university and Philip forsberg and UC SARS absolutely. I get it. But it's really hurting them that they not once took that step back to really assess and figure out where they could go from here where they actually would be headed in the playoffs because we can see how much it's hurt their progression. Last year they had a couple forwards who could carry the puck into the zone. That was it, you know, Greenland could a little bit. Did you change it a little bit? Forsberg did a lot and then Roman yossi, you know, a defenseman with more caring than anybody else, really, because they're forward group, which you expect to take on that role, just wasn't doing it. So it just feels like this team if they're going to have any chance of anything this year. And you know, there's still a chance of the playoffs for them and there's chance that sorrows after a slower start turns it around. They really need to figure out how to punch up this offense a little bit more with some puck movers and with some skill to go with the team that they've assembled and obviously injuries hurt them. They can't control that, but they just at their healthiest as constructed are not good enough to do more than, you know, get to the first or second round.

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