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Now in shops valentine's day gift sets plus get 20 percent off your first order with promo code atom that's promo code adam for twenty percent off at tommy john dot com tommy john dot com so they'll be out of what is your shake do you think coming through jake who had we'll do to some psyche damage that he's not in a safe place that he's been eliminated as my signed on the the pda if they i would explained on you weren't eliminated you never were born according to wet capacity to make them feel better uh yeah we also have a listen to it yet we why he was in a very highly rated acs we're said sunny in the studio uh sunny sunny was with me last week uh lynette got roped you know luck uh be grateful that uh tenny jake out of the house because it's the tell ya every day he falls to his knees and is the parkway floor the entryway eight they have there's this thing now where parents are supposed to quit being human beings and just be fulltime parents you no longer supposed to be a woman or man or adam are lynette it's fulltime and so they have things like what what's going on sunday volleyball wear irvine what time they want us there by six thirty a m what time or we out of there uh between three and four probably we're going to watch we're going to work we got we got out of six thirty a m calls i lynette got up it was like it was like we're going campaign was i was dark outside she tripping over the college kids talia.

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