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Looking back to boston. Public radio jim brady is out. Giant bone is in and joining us on the line to take on the latest headlines about food policy and food culture is corby kummer executive director of the food society policy program at the aspen institute a senior editor of the atlantic and a senior lecturer at tufts friedman school of nutrition science positive. Corby great charge you as always for joining us. Thank you so. Are you a a piece. Here cancel thanksgiving for the atlantic is that is that your prescription corby kummer. It is my prescription and it is the cdc's prescription as of this morning Which i'm very glad to see the safest way to celebrate. Thanksgiving says the cdc in new guidance as of this morning is to celebrate at home with the people you live with. And you show what has happened. Post-election pre certification but post-election result the cdc is like suddenly got its backbone. Critical phase said dr henry walkie instant managers. Cdc's recommending against travel. We are alarmed. Good what we should be hearing every day from the cdc. We should be hearing every day with their thinking. Absolutely you know is funny. You mentioned that. The cdc seems to have gotten its it's mojo back. It's incredible i guess because they figure the guys on the way out they don't have to worry about what he says anymore or the people that do have to worry not worried about their jobs. What's your analysis kirby the they've been just as good as they've always been and there. Scientists have been working just as hard. They've just been suppressed. They've been muffled. They've been threatened with a mass loss of their jobs if they're considered to say anything against the trump administration and finally they can regain their places. The world's top Disease investigator in public health agency. But it it'll take a while. Well i think one of the silver linings perhaps about this and we were talking about this earlier in the show. What do you do if you're not going to do the traditional thanksgiving in terms of gathering There are lots of options out there. including a patronizing restaurants There's we just heard yet. Another story of the deluxe town diner in in watertown which is has has its customers rallying to support them. So i think there are a number of ways but tell us a number of ways in which you can do thanksgiving differently. And or patronize institutions. That you love at the same time but tell us what's happening with deluxe town diner well first of all you mentioned deluxe luxton diner which is one of my favorite spots. I wish i lived closer to it but it's been run by the same family for decades. That family is incredibly your first of all. They have a child. Who's the head of a big public health organization. So they're completely though public health that they've been devoted to the community. And it's the kind of place i think..

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