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The fear that you have the anxiety that you have the worry the the hesitation that you have because you care so much other people think and how your words may land for them so for many many years I have been holding back the inner stress I've been carrying an I spoke about this last week. The worry the fear the hesitation that I've had in just saying it right so I had a couple of friends. Ask Me after last week and after the Post that I've been putting out a out my own stress. I had some friends some very good friends and I thank them for it. Say Hey Kara truthfully is this just a way. Is your sharing your stress. The adrenal fatigue the exhaustion the brain fog. All the stuff you've been talking about. Is this just a way to get people on your podcast or to get people on this Webinar or to sell the mental wellness company? That they're working with now and I said absolutely not. It's come to a surprise to a lot of people that I've been suffering in silence in with the stress and that's a good indication that I have not been sharing and so I'm here to say to you all to ask you all. Where do you holding back? What are you shoving down? Where are you suffering in silence? So for me the big the the Pandora's box that's opened and I wrote about this in my email yesterday when I when I saw my business verge yoga which happened just weeks ago publicly. I felt this huge exhale like oh I don't have to pretend anymore because for fifteen years I've been feeling like I have this yoga center right. I am the leader of a Yoga Center Meditation Center. How can I come out and say I have adrenal fatigue? I'm burnt out. I am suffering in silence with this incredible Self what's the word it's just It's not self esteem but lack of confidence or this inability to just say what I mean and me what I say because of the business that I have right so think about it if you are a Let's say you're a dentist. You can't really say that your teeth or rotting right or that you you know your teeth falling out because you haven't taken care of your teeth right so think about it here. I am this yoga meditation teacher. I teach flow state optimal state. How am I gonNA possibly say that? I'm dealing with Deeply rooted stress or suffering in silence or feeling separated so selling the business gave me this opportunity to finally be able to just say it that as a leader. I've been stressed and I think that there are a lot of people like me and you may be one of them that you are leading a family. You're leading an organization nonprofit your teacher. Whatever it doesn't matter we're all leaders in some way or another and we have to put on face. Might we have to. We have to act the part and it wasn't acting in a way where I was feeling like an impostor I just was choosing not to share that aspect of my life. So I'm here this this series and going forward to just share to walk next to you to share with you to hear your story so that we can all just stop it. We could all just stop it because the way that we are going to start to turn the wheel of suffering in our world is for us to all just step up and not worry about having the perfect picture on social media and not worrying about always having the The right thing to say. Or or knowing the research or having the The perfect balanced diet picture to take a picture of and show your friends. You can we. Just get real. And that's what I'm hoping to do. So this series how to be mentally fit in a fast moving world right. That's a lot really what I should have just called it is. Let's just all talk about our burnout. Let's talk about the stress that we've been under and then talk about how the strategies the psychological the physiological strategies that help us to navigate this world so i WanNa talk about with you all today so I'm going to ask some brave souls to step up as we get into this last week. I asked a couple of good friends this week. I didn't ask anybody so So it's up to you. There's no planted. I'm going to be honest right. This is all about being honest last year. I last week I planted some people. Didn't tell them what to say or ask them what to ask. I said will you be willing to go live and they did and I love them for that but I don't have anybody this week so it may just be you. That's GonNa on Mute and if you want to step up and say anything then just put that in the chapter and and Brian Somewhere on the other end. Will Un mute you so before we get to all the unwitting? I have to say that this week. I wanted to talk about psychological vigor and the gut brain access and we are GonNa talk about definitely psychological vigor but the gut brain access. I was going to go in depth with with Dr Shawn. Talbot who is a a brilliant Neutra or neutra psychologists right he does NEUTRA PHARMACEUTICALS. He is a brilliant mind in formulating products. That help us heal our body to then improve our mental cognitive functioning. Well I just found out about three minutes before we went live. That Sean is not available today. My God like okay here. We go just one of those stress resiliency tests and you know what it's okay. He's going to join US next week. He's going to be on fire next week with us. So it's all it's all GonNa work out as it should be but again here. I am not fooling anybody not fooling myself. So what I WANNA talk to you about to start is idea of psychological vigor. Last week we talked a lot about chronic stress. And I want to hear your questions so if you put your your questions in there as I go along I might have to put on my little reading glasses. 'cause I am fifty five and I cannot see very close anymore so there it is but what I wanna talk about psychological vigor. Is this term that I've heard Sean talk about and psychological? Vigor is psychology term that is really it embodies or encapsulates wellbeing from our physical mental and emotional standpoint. And I've really. I've really grasped onto this to this term because I love what it what it states and psychological vigor is a combination of physical energy emotional stability and mental acuity. I had to sit with the mental acuity. I'm like what does that really mean and the way I would define mental acuity is mental flexibility right so growth mindset and mental clarity the ability to see and know what's happening right here and now so not being behind that veil of brain fog to be right in the moment right here right now in what you are What you are consciously experiencing mental acuity emotional stability and physical energy what Sean. Dr Shawn Talbot defines as Psychological Vigour. He says it is the opposite of burn out. What is burnout? Burnout is the adrenal fatigue number. Two that I was diagnosed with last January. The kind of started this whole thing. Adrenal fatigue to we can also talk about burn out as being just. The effects of stress chronic everyday stress. That's an as opposed to acute stress. Right Acute stresses when something immediate happens to us that that that stimulates our body or or activate our stress response to respond in the moment like when the car when the car cut you off on the Highway. That acute stress psychological chronic stress. Is that Kinda slow? Burn stress so the Just a couple of another adjectives that I'm going to talk about my personal chronic stress and then I'd like to hear from you all my burn out. What it felt like for me was exhaustion. A feeling of being separate or lonely weight gain cravings like asleep or interrupted sleep and My say mild depression and anxiety over how I was putting myself out there in the world. So let's let's get some polls from you guys. What is what is burn out. Feel for you feel like for you. How is it emerged for you? And then how And then we're GonNa talk about some of the psychological and physiological strategies that are getting us into psychological vigor or the opposite of burnt out so go ahead and throw some of the stuff in the chat bar and let's see what we have If you want to on mute and and give us a one minute synopsis of burnout and Psychological Vigor. How you've experienced that go ahead and just let us now so if you want to jump on go ahead and yourself colleen said that It is she feels more reactive and more responsive or edgy. God that word at she like. Who doesn't feel edgy when you feel burnt out like the edges of your nerves are frayed. And there's just you're just Kinda live on. Fumes is how I felt in the past. Psychological stress feeling disconnected or training madness part of burnout a jewel asked. I think madness to depends on how you define madness. I think I think madness is just kind of over everything where you're not even sure how people are reacting to you a lack of confidence. That's something I've absolutely experienced as well. Lauren said a heaviness and not wanting to get out of bed Turning to food and alcohol to stress. Yes to distress so So that's a really great point. Lauren and I want to talk about stress for a moment here in the two capacities of stress. Because I think that when we talk about stress often we we think. Of all stresses bad. There's a fantastic book out called the upside of stress by Kelly mcgonagall. She's a researcher at Stanford. I read it a few years ago. I highly recommend it and what Kelly mcgonigal's says and reminds us. Is that not all stress bad stress? In fact we want to be challenged in life in relationship physically mentally emotionally. We WanNA press up against boundaries. And that's how we adapt and grow but the problem for me is. I have understood that. So I'm a push push pusher. Let's grow let's grow every day a little more little more little more and then I didn't realize that in the over pushing I was actually exhausting myself. I wasn't allowing for recovery. So the two aspects of stress. Are you stress e you stress and distress like Lauren just mentioned or distress you stress and distress or distress. You can say you. Stress are use stress. Are things that we do that. Offer us a really good challenge. So you go to your workout class and your teacher is pressing you and prodding you to push just a little bit more to go just into that state of burn right and your mind and your body's like I don't know if I can do it but I'm going to stick with it or you're working on a proposal or a presentation just like this right on Mike. Can I really just not hesitate today? Well it feels a little uncomfortable but know it's a challenge and I know it's going to help me to grow. That's that's you stress. That's good and in fact the flow research shows that when we push ourselves for percent more four to six percent is like a good use stress range if we push ourselves too much we we we lose. We get frustrated. We can't do it but and if we don't do enough then we may get bored. So you stress start to think about your life in these two ways you stress and distress the disc distress is when we are burning the candle at both ends. I've been doing that for a long time. Overworking overtraining over nurturing over. Whatever it is you're doing. What some of the ways that you have been.

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