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Talk. One big announcement Saturday in New York the Heisman in Oklahoma QB wins. Again, the two thousand eighteen Heisman Trophy is awarded to Kyle Murray. That audio courtesy of ESPN. Oklahoma's Cuyler Murray named the two thousand eighteen winter of the Heisman Trophy beating fellow QB's to a tongue of low of Alabama and Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State Murray following the suit, a former teammate Baker Mayfield who won it last year and becoming the seventh Oklahoma player all time to win the Heisman time the program for the most all time alongside Ohio State and Notre Dame from the eighty four Heisman Trophy presentation in New York. Matt Napolitano, Fox News, someone opened fire and Locka Florida. This was going on. There was a burglary in process nearby and police officers believe that some criminals took the opportunity because of the large police presence here to go burglarize store and all of those suspects are now in custody with back out to this shooting. Again, police are still looking for the shooter or shooters, but they say based on the rounds they found on the ground. This was an AK forty seven that was used. They have not yet recovered that. AK47. have not yet found a suspect's the only description they have on the suspects. So far is they're looking for three males. A no no age range. Andrew Denver WSVN, TV the FOX affiliate a Silicon Valley mystery who killed the Google worker. Body of twenty two year old Scott crow. Sick was found on the sixth floor of the building around nine o'clock Friday night. He was unconscious and unresponsive and pronounced dead at the scene. Police told the New York Post his body had no signs of trauma, and that he does not have a history of substance abuse or medical issues. An autopsy will determine the cause of death Crossick had worked as a software engineer for the tech giant since August. Ryan,.

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