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Ooh on boarding the the x. Men is like crate because we all still spent numerous weeks talking about that together. And i think that one of the great gifts really that these stories provide is the way that they foster that community for us and especially with the themes that are at the heart of loki. It's been kind of like a med Experienced to see the characters having these existential and philosophical conversations about life in connection that i think are at the heart of so much of the phantom to sell i. that's part that's part of like. That's why i'm so glad the episodes released weekly because it is each episode gets to stand on. Its own right now and whether whether you like it or whether you don't you know your you're you're theories you get theorized based on each episode and you know build on the however many episodes came before it and you're never you're never gonna satisfy everybody and honestly people might always have an idea in their head that made it is better than what you can ultimately. It's like it's like. I think don said the peggy or some some point madman. There's always a better idea. They think base. That never might have just imagined that the justify always say to myself anyways. I don't know. I think it's i think it's great and you're making a marvel thing like it's that's you know i knew people. It just means people care. And that's that's cool. Plenty of carousel potential. Here in loki. I during a theory is many of the the fans areas right. Now hinge on things like king in potential ties between this show and future. I'm see films like quantum mania multiversity madness you know as the names of those movies indicate with seemed to center in some way on time timelines things having gone generally speaking away that minutes would would not support many of the core themes such as a free will versus destiny. Necas think just about the future but also about all that's come before about what the implications of those seem attic. Examinations mean for the characters that we have such a deep attachment to already the avengers and of course loki. So i'm once again curious about that idea of balance when you're making loki. How do you bridge seeking to make something that is just magnificent in its own right with also needing to account for all of the established story that brought us to this point and all of the ensuing story in face foreign and beyond some of its will be directly responsible for that is still to calm like are the are the past president future of the mcu really the three timekeepers. Probably probably so Now it's just three lizards kevin vitamins..

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