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Looking to murder him and to take justice into their own hands knowing that the state might not do it so the police intervened found on him and then incarcerated him held him. Basically you know had these charges against him for the drugs but then in the interim Report was able to put things in line so that you know she was able to like Signed the witnesses and an mobilized the not only the public prosecutor but also An advocacy agency that could provide added support. Additional warriors So in her case is very unique because they were actually able to incarcerate the perpetual the perpetrator Whereas you know so many of these cases it's very it's very rare that they're able to do that Before the sentencing at all and it says it go ahead. Here's can be blurred. Yeah where people are discouraged. From seeking justice they're intimidated. They received threats. You know and and in mexico amati fiscal battle who Was looking for justice for her daughter. movie Was murdered in front of the justice hall when she was out there protesting Because of the affiliations that the perpetrator had and he actually kinda fest and in adjust this whole that he had murdered movie but all the same because of his affiliation With organized crime he was able to walk free. It's just incredible to me right and so If people are interested in learning more about money money to set a school that they can watch the documentary on netflix. And kimberly we do to get going here and one final comment anything you want to add. Yeah i wanna You know Here in united states we can take action by calling. Our senators renewed the violence against women. Act give taiba courts with nature prostitution on either offenders because there in a big issue is non native offenders. We go to tribal lands and on cause harm to our sisters Knowing that they will not say retribution because tribal authorities have Don't have the potential prostitutes them so we have to update the vala. The violence in order to ensure that tribal ports can have already. And i think it's still important that we can change. How these dirty conversations transnationally because these same systems of oppression are affecting our sisters throughout All throughout the continent at the end source is at the end of the colonization. And and its legacy. Well kimberly boats. Thank you for joining us today. And also thank you to connie walker and sheila north and of course thank you to eddie sela contreras for also adding her voice to our airwaves to and that's going to wrap it up for the hour. If you missed anything needed to go back and hear it again you can find it on our website. Native america calling com..

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