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Look at it a rotation has chris sale pitching lights out as well among the two or three top pitchers in baseball i'm looking at david price and who is not very let me ask you this are you more worried about rodriguez ankle or david prices left arm well i guess i'm more worried about what we his ankle and that's up photo there but price last time out was fairly decent but you know he scares you pursell oh is is not a you know he's coming off a horrendous effort i starting pitching and bullpen it has a stretches of great prominence and throw fortunately i've got lightsout closer but anyway they're pitching is still concern and what i be completely gobsmacked if they didn't go thirty two and thirty to know what it'd be but i don't think they're going to do that the lineup is is is is very good but but the pitching something to be concerned about and i can't stress how well we was pitching they're they're like well they've won that game there somebody dickey's total when when he starts so he's he's fisher himself like eleven three but they got a better record even in that when he starts his speech well but departments not long enough as a role he he's five inning guy but he was on his way to seven the other day that's for sure before we bid you goodbye on the monday sports puertas podcast well let's talk a little british open golf nine because it returns to a place and you have been to multiple british opens i have been to multiple british opens i think the hardest golf course in the rotation is the one they will be playing this week at carnoustie swung i missed my go i really regret and i read with tiger said about it and he he endorsed that theory at all completely in the so it's you know look this is this is where hogan won right his only british l we little ice one right and fifty to fifty it was a three here's how important the grand slam was in one thousand nine hundred ninety three okay yeah he didn't because of the schedule he couldn't even get back to play the pga but he was going to win the british open one time he one three out of four that year this is obviously post accident and bob dan jenkins who is as you know the keeper of the hogan flame okay who knows who even when hogan was alive he knew more about hogan than hogan knew about his own career okay this is my favorite golf story of all time and in those days they played thirty six on the last day and his caddy was alleged dairy scotus cassie caddying him sessile tim who became part of law because he was hogan's catty and i forget what the parfour was in the in the first round but hogan splits the fairway he asked sessile what he thinks he hands them for knocks it on ten feet blah blah blah now they they play the same obviously they're playing in the afternoon he hits his drive up bob almost in the same place he starts to reach for the four iron because his he could probably see his divot morning round sessile hand is over the forearm and hogan gives them the look and says what cecil says the wind has changed its a three hogan says it was a ford this morning sessile stance is grounded says it's a three hogan takes reluctantly than three iron from sessile gets over the ball and right before he tries to hit the hardest three iron ever hit he looks at him and he says you better be right knocks at ten feet.

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