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With Brian the way with day, that's me and we've got four hours of action packed fund. And we got a full house and the phone lines lit up anybody that wants to be part of the show. You know, the routine the AT and national numbers eight sixty eight seven eight five in the local number five one three seven four nine seven thousand if you won't talk a little bit of sports, or if you wanna talk a little politics, Donald Trump had the big rally. We're gonna talk some motorcycle stuff. I've got Fred Fatu, and Fred the name of your group again. The regulators regulators. Yeah, it's a long forcement motorcycle club. I remember we're talking tombstone. They were talking about the regulators. I forget where the regulators are good guys and the bad guys the good guys at the beginning. They were a policy that went around eighteen hundreds hunting down people that were wanted. Okay. That's what are what are our colors are the back of our our vast is the actual badge from the Lincoln county regulators from the eighteen hundreds okay? When we got one of your compadres here on line four. So let me go ahead and get Chris you're on AT and riding away with Dave. How you doing man? Good good. Thanks for calling in. Hey, one thing. I gotta tell you your buddies the first thing they said when they came in here. They started looking around wondering where the donuts were. Fred. Come on, man. From oklahoma. Yeah. So so what's going on? So you're the president out there. The regulators in Oklahoma. How's everything going with your chapter? We're still up and coming. We're not a very large chapter. We started a chapter out here about two and a half three months ago. We're known as the their chapter. Right now, we have approximately seven members. And now we're slowly starting to grow out here. There's a couple other Elliott that are in the Tulsa, Oklahoma city metro area. So we have a little bit of competition. But a couple of my club members, they went out and did a ride today and have people come up and talk to them. So hopefully, we'll get some more members joining and hopefully get some chapters sprouting up out in the panhandle them southern Oklahoma as well. And then. Taking the west coast little bit into our area and just keep homegrown. Okay. Are you having any problems with the one percenters out there? Chris now cops thing on the mess with us. Eight hundred fifty thousand votes, we got the biggest gang. We have the biggest gang in the US. I mean, we do have issues while into any issues but out here, we're in the Mongols and the Bandidos area made a couple of Hells Angels chapters, but okay, nothing. No, no issue with anything more in a club Keller's. Now, I'm real curious. What are the requirements would be a member? Well, we were seventy thirty club seventy percent law enforcement. Okay. Higher ranks of the chapters have to be Ellie or law enforcement because we have the the L E designation. That's really important to us. Okay. But thirty percent can be firemen first responders. Oh, well, we don't we? That's next. Bar heroes too. Okay. To test that could have been cops. But. Whether it be calling them later on. I got a lot of guys give me reports all the time. They do have better calendars. Don't they? Thank you. Yeah. Their job. They Rick as Rick, Phil. He's not into law enforcement. Regine several times now so. The Firemen's jobs. They sleep till they get hungry knee till they get tired. Yeah. Playing video games. Oh. Okay. So seventy thirty and you guys got to be in the upper echelon. I is. What about dues paid dealers yearly dues by chapter? Okay. We're looking for any L E or any like minded people all over the country. We're growing pretty quick. We've got Indiana chapter getting ready start New York contacting me two days ago wanting to start a chapter Tennessee, Florida where else goes jersey, New Jersey. So and we've only been really in existence for about as long as Christmas, and he was one of our originals Chris out there in Oklahoma. Yeah. So we've only been in existence this year, and we've already grown that much. So we're moving along pretty good. Now, one of the things that you wanted to let the audience know about you've got that big ride and you hit on briefly to honor of fallen Cincinnati police officers, sunny, Kim, right? We do we have the son Kim ride again this year. It's the third time third year fourth year or fourth year, and it's going to come out of the Cincinnati Harley Davidson on may eighteenth. If you want to read for the ride in a free t shirt, which the t shirt pretty cool this year the front of it is the American flag with the thin blue line, and the names of all the officers have been killed so far this year in the stripes. So it's a pretty cool t-shirt that we're doing this year, but it's may eighteenth. You can go to regulators L EMC dot com to register for the right? If you like do it by may third can you get a free t shirt, and it's pretty much open to the public, and you don't have to be a writer to come down there. And to be a part of everything. And you guys you're talking about you're going to have some what food trucks or some vendors down there as many as possible we're going to leave from since they hardly were to go to the gate of heaven cemetery, which is where sonny's buried, and then we're going to end it at the reds game. They're going to block off Joe nuxhall way for our parking. We're going to go to the reds games. Reds dodgers that day, and they're going to they're going to do Nate part of the ticket. Proceeds to the Sunday Kim ride. Okay. We donate it to like cops. And yes shield and different groups like that right in I've been a couple of vents you've always gotten a pretty good turn on. Now. You got to try to make that Chris actually we have a wide coming up the same day. I hear it's Oklahoma wall, right, though, it'll be honoring law enforcement officers here in Oklahoma. And it's gonna be from Tulsa, Oklahoma city. So our chapter will be taking part of that. Right. Okay. Hey, Chris, I'm going to ask you a question because I'm not real familiar with the politics out there in Oklahoma. What do you think with the candidates we've been laughing joking around about the Ma? Crew there at the democrat party, but his Oklahoma a Republican type state, you think Donald Trump had their support or what's your feeling out there, the I guess mid west? Texas. Oh, you can't get much more of a conservative conservative state. Thank you made Democrats around and. I don't pay too much attention anymore to politics. I got too much small town politics on the deal with the big national stuff. I guess well, you know, the only problem is politics is seems like is headlines. I mean day in and day out either. They want to impeach Trump now or he's colluding with the rooch gays or your cranium or whatever. And now, you got I don't know. I got the roster right here like about twenty twenty five candidates supposedly it's in the race. And well, you know, you got that guy down there from Texas. I'm surprised he's not in your neighborhood trying to shake down a few businesses or whatever that he's he's not a fake Indian like poke Kahane's warn. He's fake Mexican. I think or something that Bego. What the hell's is? Name beta beta Arar, that's crazy name last name a roof for being Mexican descent supposedly I hadn't even heard of him yet. Hey, you're not really missing much, but he gave Ted Cruz a run for the money. Trump had to go down there and have some big rallies to kind of pull that out for Ted Cruz. So, you know, the Democrats kind of here in a lot of hide underneath rocks. So they don't show up that often. Cockroaches seeing you turn the lights on. Yeah. We we know that. So now what about as far as riding bikes? Do you? Let guys in the group that had those little electric scooters or what? Well, we don't have any electric motorcycle. You know, we'll even let Honda's in. Oh, you will. I'm you still have to admit you're riding Honda. Still got probably ride in the back of the pack to. Yeah. You gotta do that. We allow him any motorcycle when the club. We're not just a strictly Harley club like that. But okay. We do have mostly Harleys. But we don't that's not. That's not a requirement. Okay. Well, are you are you taking notes Chris? So I'm not worried about it. He only here from Oklahoma for a rally last year. Well, okay. Our aren't after I. So why tell you what we're gonna take a little short break. Chris. I'll put you on hold. I'll let you come back in join back in, but we'll go ahead and quick break. Now. So I'm not running behind schedule. I've been doing that all night long right here ATN. This is the NHRA report on America's trucking network. So why does your separate? Daniel engine case floats NHRA four wide nationals. Now that the concord North Carolina might Salinas who recently won his first top fuel event in the NHRA action secure the number one qualifying position at top fuel this run Friday night and attract ET record, a three point six seconds and three hundred twenty seven miles an hour Brown. His second quick followed by Terry McMillan and Kalinda Robert hight piloted his funny car to the top and concord of the four wide nationals Saturday, the three point eight second pass at three hundred twenty five miles an hour. Jack back in a second quick, followed by John fours and Tommy Johnson junior. JR.

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