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The fog lifts in the tristate a sunny day with a high of 80 degrees. It is 58 degrees right now News Service of Kings, Ford and a door and window four years ago. President Trump won Ohio easily, but the latest polls show this year's race is too close to call. Rallying with supporters in the tri state last night, Vice President Mike Pence said Ohio once again will be key. A Republican victory November 3rd gotta tell you when the early states came in, he would pop me on the shoulder. Hey, go back! Look, South Carolina's Sepang, Georgia's in right. I'm telling you what? When Ohio came through, I thought he was going to knock me down. Night, President Trump and Joe Biden Square off in the final debate of the campaign, You'll hear it live here nine o'clock since the police investigating a deadly shooting in Avondale 34 year old Larry Do. Boz was gunned down on Burnet Avenue near University Hospital last night. Police are asking anyone with information to call Crimestoppers 35 to 30 40. Few more details coming out now about the deadly police shooting in Elmwood place. Earlier this week, the police department in Elmwood Place has released the name of the officer who shot and killed a man Tuesday afternoon. He's 25 year old office. Sir Nicholas ARN, who's been on the Elmwood Place Force since June of 29 team and incident. Reports as officer aren't stopped A green Dodge pickup truck at Highland and Linden Tuesday afternoon about 1 30 Shootout began between the driver and officer arm when it was over the suspect, 48 year old Rodney Barnes was dead. But the incident report Mentions nothing about why Barnes was pulled over what led to the shootout who fired first, and why? There is no video of the incident. And anybody who saw it is asked to call the police. Matt Reese news radio 700 WLW hospitality industry suffered as much as any other business through this pandemic, but that hasn't stopped. Brand new hotel from opening its doors downtown. Today, the official opening of the Kinley Kinley took over an office building on seventh Street that was built in 1910 rehab. The property of the boutique hotel features 94 rooms inside. A mural of the city, inspired by vintage photos of Cincinnati Hotel also features a new restaurant called Cora. It was named one of the most anticipated American restaurant openings of 2020 by Vogue, Food and Wine magazine. Temperatures to hit 80 today in the tri state, But the warm up will be short lived. Your forecast is next. 700 WW news time 7 35 you your morning is pretty full right Well, say hello to New Nature Valley Pack sustained energy bars, hardworking ingredients You can feel good about you will be able to carry on grieving for your checklist, Season snacks and get.

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