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A christian. This is awesome. Verse talks about the testimony of christ. Were success even so the testimony as the testimony concerning christ who confirmed you testimony. Concerning christ at the moment of salvation settled in your heart. You became a recipient of the grace of god at the moment of salvation salvation. Settling your heart when you finally decided in turn yourself to god and you accepted jesus and you said i will follow you all of my days. I will walk after you. And i will honor you. The change was complete inside. You became a recipient of the grace of god. Anybody deserves grace. Anybody thinks that i was. I was deserving that no none of us you. You were the recipient of grace that you didn't deserve of healing and restoration of forgiveness. He didn't deserve was complete. At the point where you accepted you walked after him. I nine says the god is faithful through whom you recall fellowship with his son. Jesus christ our lord folks. We need to live in the knowledge and the truth that god is faithful because of his sovereign them changeable promises to believers. We are sure d- that this past grace present and future remaining grace will be there for his followers. Continue to blast us because we're saved not just because how many of you started with this idea. That god has forgiven all my snow. In the past i guess all of us in in the future not like i'm going to send anymore but all that too. Yes not the bender in the head like that's a that's a bender because you're like that's difficult to conceptualize because we don't know the end from the beginning but the word of god tells us that he knows the end from the beginning god exists outside of the dimensionality of time. So he doesn't look at us and see where you're at now and wonders where you're going to be out later. He sees where you're at now as well as where you've been where you will be. It's all known to the mind of god and his faithfulness faithfulness completely seems this. His grace completely covers us and we as followers of jesus as redeemed ones are completely covered by that grace. I would say man who somebody said that. Just just saying you know completely covered by grace. Didn't deserve it conveys a god. No it is a bit. I suppose but sedate over here. Send up you're saying biblical things not getting so much as grunt. how dare you versus to thirteen. Says now i exhort you rather than by the name of jesus.

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