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And he's going to try and get sunglasses to sponsor every single one of them. Yeah. And while he's talking about this. He's holding a teeny tiny Mason jar shock last which made me laugh because like I'm actually not opposed to drinking from Mason jars I think it's kind of fun. But like a Mason jar shot glass that's annoying to make because that's like not a natural Mason jar. Will this cast is like really fucking around a lot with each other on each other and Mason jars are very hard to get all the germs off of you know. Yeah, it looked like a test tube to be honest, which is actually probably more appropriate new. Well, then he tells us this odd story that doesn't. Really make a lot of sense to me. So he's saying that he's really hurt because his mom didn't even call him back, which makes me wonder how many cars he stole from front 'cause he's like in a new car and every scene, and he's like it was my dad's. I'm like, your mom, probably has stolen car reports on all of this. Apparently his him and his sister. Amanda, his mom or he and his sister. Because she didn't tell them that their dad was sick. Well, she was sugar coating everything and like made it seem like he was like doing. Okay. And they didn't realize he was in the ICU or something. So they didn't they didn't know. And they weren't able to say goodbye. I mean, I don't it's it's very sad. I, but I also did you guys try to reach out to your dad like I'm wondering what like something seems fishy about this whole thing to me to me too. Just because the mom would not be calling him back. If that were the case, it'd be apologizing bright why I think that he's probably iced her out. I think that's what that's all about. Well, he said that she didn't call him back. She didn't even call him Bogue. So anyway, I don't know. It's it's your story. Emily. Yeah. But it's never the true story. So I'm always wondering what the real story is. But anywhere. He cares. We'll find out later this season considered to say bread clip draw for town. Yeah. Meanwhile, Kristen she's still in her like Rattatte hat razzle-dazzle cabaret sequined little jacket, which is like crack me up like that. She's like in this ridiculously silver sequined jacket during this entire thing. And she's just continuing her anti James rans to LA and she's like literally goes one by one but one by one and fucks over everyone in his his egos out of control seriously seriously. I'm just like James, I feel like that attributes way too much power to James to say that he's fucking over everyone like to what end she's not advancing anywhere. Yeah. He's still performing in front of a pizza. And so even if he is doing the, and then she goes, I was already over. I was already so booking over James Kennedy. And then he had the. Tacit to totally fuck over Brittany. So that kid it's on my booking shitless. Now. Did you did you not fuck him on that hot tub? Just porn. I believe. She's acting weird. Yeah. The pillows the pillows the pill is never lie. Yes. So then access like all right. We got a consummate, listen, joy everybody and katie's like. Yeah. I guess we should obviously. Because this is going to get even grocer. This is weird. They're going to have sex. And this isn't just like a reality TV thing like they're actually going to have sex right now. So we should probably leave go over to my apartment down the down the hallway next up is area on it. Sheena little ally. And everyone honestly. Trixie monaco's. Like, he we are..

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