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Shrek did come back onto the practice squad. They they were able to do the same. With noah spence. Which is a good thing keaton sutherland. A guy who has been around for a couple of years trump. Taylor renou ran. That's good news. Buca williams trivia on williams so Your your thoughts on the on the practice squad. The shah williams depends tackles. My was my Was my guy from years ago. One sax now in six years but as far as this year's practice squad taxes it's surprising. Maybe i think we figured that. Patrick and moss. We're gonna make it just for general intrigue just for development purposes but good goodness trey gone back. Guess now they have six to to practice with both linebackers at figured. Only one would make it through but both botchy in kion jerry jones. There's thaddeus moss drew crispin. I think expected made it back as kevin huber's air two cornerbacks. Tony brown and winston roasted a lot. Lot of doubling up in a while as tied into with with mason shrek I think they probably would have preferred to have one more offensive lineman but i think the only other option was michael jordan or gunnar. Vogel and jordan has found a home with carolina. And i guess that relationship kinda needed to end any ways and there's no reason to keep going vogel anywhere near the cincinnati bengals at this point in time so but trivial williams renault rendered like the lasting impacts or lasting members of beyond around of zach. Taylor's rushed hurried. ill prepared twenty nineteen class. So we'll see how long they kinda stick around. Maybe maybe we'll see some action later this year injuries up up. The i've always had high hopes for renault ran by injuries and all kinds of other things. A lack of development have Not not allowed him to be the player. i hope i had hoped he was one glaring omission. I guess we could talk about in our next segment a little bit is well. No no quarterback no quarterbacks you mention Emily to on the active roster. Does that surprise you at all on this cam. Newton wanna join the practice squad. I don't i don't something tells me that. He you may not be down for that I think he's got an offer from bishops sick more right now he's come over that whole thing. Good things just ridiculous. Yeah i mean. I just thought you know usually they dave cap developmental quarterback on the roster. So things change. We'll talk more about that masecond In our in our next segment. We've got a little while longer that we're going to be with you. Talk in practice. Squad bengals final roster impressions as the bengals get going towards hosting the minnesota vikings in week. One at paul brown stadium. Coming off a a kind of a wild preseason week three loss as well from the from the dolphins. But hey where we're going towards regular season. He's john aaron. Anthony costanza this is the orange and black insider got a lot of people Tuning in live which is awesome. Happy to see that. And if you're new to the program thank you. You can always download this show along with ace. Sims orange is the new black matte. Munich's chalk talk All of those around the city jungle podcast channel on your favorite audio streamer. Whether that's itunes stitcher spotify. Google podcast iheartradio any of those and then right below. I can't i. Can't i can't get on his screen but right below. John's less shoulder is an icon. That you can click if you if you prefer the youtube staff you can click on. That subscribe hit the ballot to get notified when we go live the other thing. John that we need to tell the folks about is our partnership with symbol before we get to our next segment and a lot of folks hopefully know if you've been tuning into our program for while know about symbol. Sim b. u. l. l. It is the stock market for sports. So if you play fantasy football if you play survival football if you play week matchups and all of that. I won't mention those types of companies by name. But if you do any of that kind of stuff you gotta get in on symbol. It is where you can buy shares of stock in teams. Whether it's one you're passionate about whether it's one you feel you can make money on. Maybe it's a little bit about and buy sell trade stocks like Like it's the stock market and that's the other thing if you play the stock market in general this is another thing. You gotta look at so. Sim b. u. l. l. There is a promo code. John If us obi You get some incentive so Tesla more about you're not gonna find. Gm ear amc on the stock market. But you're going to find every nfl team every nba team every mlb team reds pounding on the cardinals right now if anyone cares in every college football team just actually started this past weekend. We zero was Last saturday or friday. So if you guys know anything about these teams if you happen to follow sports since you're listening to a sports august you can leverage your knowledge on your favorite teams. You can invest in them if you believe that they are going to do well in the long run and you watch your earnings in as they win and then you can sell them for profit. After their value has raised their value is based off of how many times the those markets bought into so right. now the bengals around fifty sixty dollars if Start hot this year. You could see that value rise you can find a seller you can cash out for some profit or you can see if they ended up winning soup both at six or fifty seven whatever it is this year and then you can cash out big time or you.

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